Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SDP's latest Proxy Alex Tan Zhixiang

A beacon of hope seems to appear for the Singapore Democratic Party as the "online hero" Alex Tan Zhixiang aligns himself with the Young Democrats. NOTMYSDP has in various posts shown how weak the Young Democrats is and the myths surrounding them. With reinforcement of a new media darling Alex Tan Zhixiang, Young Democrats can now capitalise on this attention-seeking individual to bring it to newer heights.

Alex celebrates his feature in The Sunday Times, with the support of Young Democrats' Honorary Secretary Jarrod Luo.

Several other prominent YD members/supporters are also leveraging on Alex Tan Zhixiang's fame by commenting and writing on his facebook wall.
Alex Tan Zhixiang also openly supports the Young Democrats' supporters/members:

This appears to be a well-coordinated move by the SDP to rope in a proxy to fight this online battle. The SDP has been known to capitalise on proxies (supporters who aren't given the membership to make them appear neutral), including Seelan Palay and Chia Ti Lik. SDP is playing a smart strategy not to give membership to Alex Tan Zhixiang as he openly denounces National Service and had a criminal record (According to Sunday Times, he was charged when he was serving National Service). As a member, he would be a liability to the party, so SDP is using him as a proxy.

Alex Tan Zhixiang added Corns Tan as his facebook friend. Utilising the access to Corns Tan's account, Alex Tan Zhixiang acted as an outpost for the SDP. He also issued a challenge which he mistakenly thought that NOTMYSDP was a PAP initiative.

So Who is Alex Tan Zhixiang?

Alex Tan Zhixiang claims to be working as an engineer with ISPL. However, it is found that he actually owns a tuition business "Tuition Now" with a friend Jason Soh - see facebook link (

A browse-through his profile and photos shows that he is very much a loner.

Alex Tan Zhixiang's Friendster
Alex Tan Zhixiang's Facebook

It is not known how Alex Tan Zhixiang joined the SDP but our sentiments are that he had subscribed to SDP's views soon after he was charged and served sentence in detention barrack during National Service.

NOTMYSDP will continue to check on the SDP and expose all its myths and untruths that it creates so as to allow Singaporeans to understand this party.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Seelan Palay & Co. Communism Supporters?

Seelan Palay is a guitarist with the band called Ila Mitra. Scratching your head over what Ila Mitra means?

Ila Mitra (Bangla: ইলা মিত্র) (1925-2002) was a legendary peasants movement organizer of the Indian subcontinent, especially in Bengal (now Bangladesh). She was born to an upper middleclass Bengali family in Kolkata on 18 October 1925. She became a communist during her youth. In 1945, she married Ramendra Mitra, who was an active member of the Communist Party despite his lineage from a zamindar (landowner) family of Chapai Nawabganj.

Seelan Palay and his Ila Mitra band members are pro-SDP and had participated in various SDP events, such as the IMF-World Bank distribution of flyers:

So why would someone pick the name of Ila Mitra? Not unless they are respect and look up to Ila Mitra.

That makes Seelan Palay and friends supporters of Communism. Perhaps that's why Seelan Palay has not been given the SDP membership.

Image Source:

SDP wants BAN on news reports during GE

Singapore Democratic Party's Chairman, Gandhi Ambalan wants a complete ban on news reports during GE. This was in response to the proposed cooling-off period mooted by the PAP.

A complete ban would mean that Singapore be shut off from external world. Thousands of news network would be disallowed to mention Singapore in their reports. Sounds silly? Wait till you hear more!

Gandhi Ambalan writes, "Direct communication through rallies and groundwork have been opposition's mode of reaching out to voters."

Gandhi should speak for himself or for the SDP instead of speaking on behalf of the opposition. Workers' Party and Singapore Democratic Alliance members does groundwork before GE. When Gandhi Ambalan writes that, it gives a feeling that the SDP had not been doing their ground work. Would a longer campaigning period help? One wonders.

One reader of the SDP website had this comment to make about the SDP:

"SDP repeatedly prides itself on its ability to bypass the ruling party's control of the MSM through its mastery of the alternative media.

Complaining is just a (further) indication that it has run out of imaginative ideas to reach the electorate. More importantly, it should worry about what messages it wants to convey rather than raise hue and cry over the restrictions over the means.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ignorant Seelan Palay and SDP's LOVE for foreigners

Seelan Palay, the activist that is tactically made a non-SDP member, sheds some light to the extent on how much the SDP loves foreigners (while condemning government policies on foreign workers and talents).

A Burmese shares with us how Burmese supports SDP and other oppositions in Singapore.

Seelan Palay didn't know that Dr Chee Soon Juan misappropriated funds when he was NUS lecturer.

And Jarrod Luo acknowledged the inactivity of Young Democrats.

Friday, November 13, 2009

SDP - a Party for Foreigners

Dr Chee Soon Juan slammed SPH for publishing the government's response to Robert Amsterdam's article.

Dr Chee Soon Juan was also interviewed by a foreign radio station.

Dr Chee Soon Juan never misses an opportunity to capitalise on foreign platforms to voice out his flawed ideologies.

And he's not the only one in the SDP to be pro-foreigner. Just think of Seelan Palay, who did a hunger strike for the Hindus, not in Singapore, but in Malaysia, following the detention of the HINDRAF activists. SDP also held vigils for Burmese and I would have thought they pray to Mother Aung San Su Kyi.

What kind of political leader would ask foreign businesses not to come into the country? Dr Chee Soon Juan! As irritating as a fly pestering you on a hot sunny day, Dr Chee Soon Juan appealed to foreign governments and businesses not to deal with Singapore, claiming that they should not support the not-so-democratic Singapore.

AND YET... Dr Chee Soon Juan and Singapore Democratic Party are scolding the PAP for not helping the people enough during the economic recession (think Tak Boleh Tahan campaign, that saw SDP members Tak Boleh Tahan and giving up on continuing the campaign). Now how does SDP reconcile the fact that Singapore needs foreign businesses here to help build the economy so that locals get job? Nah, they're more interested in foreigners.

Of course, Mrs Chee is an exotic Taiwanese. Jarrod Luo, Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats, got his degree from Australia and frequent Macau and Hong Kong for his online gambling business. Chee Siok Chin so wants to go overseas to attend class.

SDP could prosper if it wasn't a political party. Perhaps it should consider opening a travel agency or offer espionage services.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Who is Chee Siok Chin?

Chee Siok Chin is the sister of Dr Chee Soon Juan. Chee Siok Chin is currently a CEC member of the Singapore Democratic Party.

In GE 2006, Chee Siok Chin's occupation was a democracy advocate. She is married without children.

Prior to that, Chee Siok Chin was a Physical Education (PE, in short) teacher at the former Queenstown Secondary Technical School.

Here's some comments on Chee Siok Chin from her students:

My favourite comment goes to:

"A teacher who had always demanded discipline from her students could actually do that. Did we rebel against her in the past when felt unjust? We didn't."

Singapore Democratic Party Lack of Transparency

Singapore Democratic Party have links with foreign groups.

Should foreign activists fund S'pore civil groups
Ho Lian-Yi
The New Paper, 27 July 2009

..... So what was the agenda of the Swedish activist, Mr Johan Skarendal?

He is a member of the Swedish International Liberal Centre (Silc), whose avowed goal, as stated on its website, is 'to strengthen organisations and support individuals who develop and promote democracy and human rights'.

Mr Skarendal, 29, is in charge of Silc activities in Singapore and the group is affiliated to the Liberal Party, one of the four political parties in the Swedish government since 2006.

The group has extensive reach globally and funds activities which promote its goals....

The rules for foreign funding of local political parties here are clear. The Political Donation Act bans political parties and organisations from receiving foreign donations.

But could foreign groups influence politics through non-political donations using civil societies as a front?

After all, NGOs have shown they can spark a change here....

Singapore Management University law lecturer Eugene Tan said no CSO (Civil Society Organisation) would be breaking the law by virtue of receiving foreign funding as long as they are not recognised as a political organisation.

But he said they have an 'ethical duty' to say who funds them so people who give donations can make an informed opinion about the group's motives...

Gay rights activist Alex Au, who is also a member of Maruah, however, didn't think there was any issue with foreign funding...

But he agreed that funding sources should be as open as possible.

'Any organisation that takes a public profile should act in a way that is in the interest of accountability, to a reasonable extent,' he said.

Who did Swedish activist meet here?

In about a one-week period in April, Swedish activist Johan Skarendal met an array of Singapore liberals.

They include filmmakers Martyn See and Seelan Palay, Myanmar activist Myo Myint Maung, and Mr Andrew Loh and Mr Choo Zheng Xi of socio-political blog The Online Citizen.

Others included activist Alex Au from gay movement People Like Us and lawyer Peter Low...

Mr See said he met Mr Skarendal over drinks in town in a casual setting and the topic was mainly his experience with the Films Act...

Overseas Burmese Patriots spokesman Myo Mying Maung said he was introduced to Mr Skarendal by Mr Palay, and there were five Myanmar activists at the meeting, himself included.

Gay rights activist Mr Au said they spoke about social change and politics here.

'He asked us a number of questions, and we answered,' he said...

But The New Paper understands Mr Skarendal did not meet any minister or 'members of the establishment'...


Activist Mr Palay, who was present at several of the meetings, would only say that Mr Skarendal came on a fact-finding mission...

All those interviewed denied being offered funds by Skarendal, who is not new to Singapore. A self-described good friend of opposition politician Chee Soon Juan, Mr Skarendal has been involved with the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief's work in human rights and the promotion of liberal democracies.

Just how close is the relationship and has Mr Skarendal funded Mr Chee's non-political agenda? The Swede would not say. Ignoring the question, he merely replied earlier that he considered Mr Chee a good friend and someone who had written a testimonial for his studies in Taiwan. Their relationship goes back to 2003. After Mr Chee visited Sweden in February that year, the SDP's youth wing organised a conference here in July...

Mr Chee also spoke at the conference, which was sponsored by Swedish-based institutions including SILC.

It was co-organised with the Sweden-Singapore Initiative for Democracy (SSID).

On SDP's website, the party says it is affiliated or working in close cooperation with several organisations including SSID, which is also funded by SILC.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Singapore Democratic Party Exposed 2 - Bad State of the Young Democrats

In this episode, we examine the state of the Young Democrats, youth wing of the Singapore Democratic Party.

Young Democrats (YD) Monthly Meeting For October 2009 on Saturday(31/10/09)‏

From: Offline Jarrod Luo (
Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2009 6:47:42 PM
Dear all,

Please note that the meeting scheduled as per email subject has been called off, due to poor attendance. The Council shall arrange another day within the next week to meet, in order to close for the month of October and plan for the coming month of November.
The Council would like to take this opportunity to highlight to one and all that the overall participation level of YD members in Party events and activities have been disappointingly poor, for apart from the same few individuals who have been trying their best to make time for the cause, the rest of the members really need to do better in this aspect.

The Council would also like to highlight on another disturbing trend they observed. Despite the numerous communications channels available to connect the members with the Party, it still seems that the latest plans and intentions of the Party are still being kept in the dark from some members. This should not be the case, as all members should already be on the email lists(e.g. this). And even if in the unlikely case that a member is not in the loop, the onus is on the member to put in the extra effort to connect with the Party and request the relevant updates.

Make no mistake, but all members should be clear on one thing: they are not being expected to put in any extra effort for anyone, nor anything. Not for the Party, not for Dr Chee, not even for our beloved country (emphasis added), Singapore. This extra effort has to be given because for better or worse, we are all in this together and ultimately it all boils to the reason why we are in politics and why, out of all parties, we have chosen this Party.

Hence, the Council would like to conclude by urging all YD members to reflect upon the events of the past months, and re-dedicate themselves anew to the Party and the cause it represents.

Best Regards,
Jarrod Luo
Honorary Secretary
Young Democrats

From: Offline Muhummed Shamin Mohammed Sidek (

Medium riskYou may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2009 7:25:23 AM


I agree that we need to work together as a team. I remembered the poll TOC had on it's website regarding the youth wings that people identify themselves with, Young Democrat had the 2nd highest vote. I guess people voted us because they looked at the parent party. If people knew the realities of the group and how active it was, people might not have voted us overwhelmingly.

We should find the root of the problem and not be pointing fingers at one another. We can look a few questions to discuss and think of a solution to it.

1) Is it a leadership issue?

2) Is it that members just can't be bothered?

3) Members feel alienated from the party as whole?

4) Members are afraid to be publicly identified with the party itself?

I am sure that all of us have our problems that becomes a stumbling block which prevents us from committing. Being youth, we also have other pursuits and problems such as trying to get a job, financial difficulties and other personal issues. Some of us would aspire to be members of parliaments while other would just want to help out.

As of now, I believe all of us joined the party because, firstly, we saw the PAP and the system that they have established as our enemy and secondly, we agreed with the parties goals. So we should all be working together towards the party goals.

I hope that we are able to overcome this commitment issue and move on from here.

Muhammad Shamin
Young Democrats

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Singapore Democratic Party Exposed 1

To date, Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats, Jarrod Luo hasn't responded to our email.

To allow Singaporeans to understand the Singapore Democratic Party, we will now launch the SINGAPORE DEMOCRATIC PARTY EXPOSED SERIES.

The information are shared by ex-SDP members who have been alienated by the party, as well as those who have left the party after knowing what the party stands for.

We have always maintained our posture and objective of exposing the myth of the SDP. And now we present you the reality.

REALITY: Young Democrats has only 5 members

President: Priveen Suraj
Vice-President: Jufri Salim
Honorary Secretary: Jarrod Luo
Program Director: Khalis
Member: Shamin

Of the 5, only Jarrod Luo is a University Graduate. The only work he has done since is MLM (which he calls a business).

REALITY: Seelan Palay is not a SDP member

Seelan is not a YD or SDP member. But he helps out alot with their activities. He runs some campaigns(anti-death penalty, myanmar protest etc) in his own capacity but his work is often interwined with SDP's. It is not that he does not want to be a SDP member but John Tan (Asst Secretary General, SDP) thought he could help the party better by being a non-partisan member instead of a full-fledged SDP member. This is to make it appear like as if non-political sections of Singapore support SDP.

REALITY: No Internal Elections held to contest Party Leadership since Chiam's departure

There has also been no internal elections to contest the party leadership since Mr Chiam See Tong left the party. John Tan only joined the party in 2007, yet he was quickly made the Assistant Secretary General by Dr Chee Soon Juan. Again, no elections, no contests. Other members were not even consulted on the issue.

REALITY: Dr Chee Soon Juan is no Democrat

Dr Chee Soon Juan designates positions as he likes. There is no mechanism within the party to remove him from his position.

Dr Chee Soon Juan also has full control over income earned through the newsletter. Some of the funds are believed to be used for his own personal use [sentiments from ex-SDP members].

REALITY: The True Purpose for selling newspapers

SDP tries to recruit new members through their newspaper selling walks but this method has never been very successful. When they are out and about selling their newspapers, they also sell Dr Chee's books at the same time. Dr Chee's book sales are unaccounted for in the party records as it is his personal business. This is one way how Chee uses his party members for his own personal gain.

Most of SDP's present recruits have come through the various seminars and public forums that SDP conducts. It is during this forums that they try to get members of the public interested in their party.

Wait a Minute!
How do we know if you are telling the truth?

We have reliable sources. We offer the Singapore Democratic Party the right of reply to whichever points it feels are not accurate.
Members of SDP can email to OR
post your comments at the blog itself

NotMySDP writes to Jarrod Luo for explanation

NOTMYSDP wrote to Jarrod Luo demanding an explanation on his involvement in vice activities.

We await Jarrod Luo's response, failing which we will send in a public letter to Dr Chee Soon Juan.

The Singapore Democratic Party needs to be more transparent. We have not heard of how the SDP uses its funds collected through its website.
Hi Jarrod Luo (,

Several forumers have pointed out your involvement with Sunshine Empire, the owners of which are now undergoing trial for the Ponzi scheme.

I have also found evidence of your involvement with an online gambling site.

For the benefit of the residents of Bishan-Toa Payoh and Bukit Panjang, please disclose your involvement in the above-mentioned vice activities. Singapore Democratic Party has always asked the PAP government to be transparent. We as citizens will want to know the facts.

Thank you.

Corns Tan,
on behalf of NOTMYSDP

What Chee would write to Obama

Chee Soon Juan wrote an open letter to Obama to congratulate him when he was inaugurated as President of the USA in January. Of course, it turned out to be more a complaints letter.

Dr Chee would probably be recycling this idea when President Obama drops by next month. Not My SDP would like to postulate what the new letter to Obama will look like with the following parody.

President Obama,

I heard that you will be popping by next month for APEC 2009. That is why I am writing yet another open letter to you.

When you were inaugurated as President earlier this year, I also composed a letter to you. I couched the letter in the form of a congratulatory note, but it was more to air my political grievances to you and everyone who bothers to read my endless ramblings.

But you did not even deem it necessary to reply me. Of course, I was very devastated then. My disappointment only ceased after much soul searching. I finally consoled myself that you must have been too busy improving your basketball skills or pulling strings for the Nobel Peace Prize to write me a reply.

I have decided to forgive you, but I hope you will be more sensitive to a fellow freedom crusader's feeling in future. It really made me look bad in front of my supporters to be ignore. Please remember - no one ignores Chee Soon Juan.

Nevertheless, I am not known around Singapore as Mr Politically Persistent for no reason; hence this second attempt at an open letter. Initially, I was hoping to repeat most of the points I had made in my previous one, since you missed them anyway.

But I've been rather busy lately. I also am to lazy to regurgitate the same points I had made previously, even just for the sake of the President of USA. So I hope you don't mind reading them over here at this URL (

Since politically nothing much has changed here in Singapore, my letter would have been about the same old stuff - lack of civil, human and whatever rights here; Singapore PM is earning bigger bucks than you; many poor Singaporeans, not unlike the homeless ones over there in USA, and so on.

The only additional point I would have made is that our government here is trying to deprive the citizens of their wet-markets that the old folks are very sentimental about. . My party is pretending to fight for these and trying to impress the voters in a constituency we hope to contest soon. Don't underestimate people's passion for stinky and humid markets.

In Jan, I even made a video then, to enhance the emotional impact of my messages. The video is more intended for the lazy Singaporeans who prefer something more multi-media. You see, it's hard to compel them to read my long essays, and that is also why my party website has seen a big drop in readership. What to do, have to pander to the electorate's idiosyncrasies, right?

To cut to the chase, I have run out of ideas what else to do here. I like the catch-phrase you used very much - "Yes we can", I thought my party can too, but apparently we just can't think of any new ideas to get into parliament. Maybe you can lend me your campaign manager, that David Plouffe guy. He's quite good; at least better than the rag-tag team I have who simply echoes whatever I say.

Anyway, when I heard you were coming by, I could not decide whether to rejoice or feel downtrodden.

I rejoiced because I might have the opportunity to meet you personally when you are in Singapore. Imagine you and I rubbing shoulders together. It would give me much political mileage amongst my potential voters whom I regret to say, are very indifferent. And ignorant, if I may add.

Perhaps there would be some photo-op too. Then I can embellish my party website with pictures of you and I standing shoulder-to-shoulder not only physically, but against the tyranny of the autocratic governments around the world. I was told you are quite a tall guy, so I hope you won't mind if I stood on a small stool for the pose in front of the cameras. Our statures would then be more or less equal. A politician craves for some limelight, no?

Unfortunately, it's unlikely I'd even get within 10 miles of your entourage. Those pesky policemen will be tailing me and ensuring that I don't even get near to SUNTEC where the meetings will be held. So my colleagues and I are planning to deliberately break some laws by having some demonstrations.

I can't give any details of our plans here, since they are meant to be secret. I hope the noise we make won't interfere with the conference. Anyway, I heard nothing usually comes out of APEC meetings. So no loss. At least we would provide the international journalists something interesting to write about, and my international profile will be raised. It's good for me, because I'd be invited to seminars and talks overseas, and more importantly, get paid money which I quite desperately need.

At the same time, I have reasons to be sad by your attendance of APEC 2009. Perhaps simply out of courtesy, you probably be singing praises of your host, whom you should know by now are my political arch-enemies. It's a moral betrayal I'll have to bear for the duration of the conference. I'll just hope you won't carry it overboard, otherwise I'll stop writing to you in future.

Your Fellow Crusader for Freedom,

Chee Soon Juan (Dr)

SDP Internet Brigade strikes at NOTMYSDP

Thanks SDP for the attempt to publicise this blog.

There's something called copyright though.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Forumers point out Jarrod Luo's involvement in Sunshine Empire

Forumers have pointed out Jarrod Luo's (Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats - Youth wing of Singapore Democratic Party) involvement in the Ponzi Scheme Sunshine Empire.

Click on link below to find out more:

Forumers have found photos of Jarrod Luo with Sam Mok, who is the Managing Director of Sunshine Empire.

In one photo, Jarrod Luo is pictured side by side Sam Mok, and wearing a tag, with a image in the background. is believed to be a splinter of Sunshine Empire.

About Sunshine Empire

Sunshine Empire is a defunct company, with all assets frozen by the Singapore Government. The Founder and CEO are currently on trial for running fraudulent trades and investment schemes.

It was set up in 2006 as a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company, based Singapore.

The company is listed by the Singapore Government's Monetary Authority in its Investor's Alert List, for possibly running investment schemes without authority.

Following months of investigation by the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police, Sunshine Empire's Directors will appear on trial at Singapore's Subordinate Courts in March 2009 for falsifying accounts, making false capital declarations and running a fraudulent trade.

The company had gathered up to S$189 million in funds through investment schemes, alleged to have never materialised and in fact a Ponzi scheme. Initial trial revealed that over S$115m were paid out as 'investment returns', while another S$40m were transferred to associates as 'interest free loans' and the remaining believed to have been expended or paid out to directors as fees.


It is not known if Jarrod Luo had been an active multilevel marketer at Sunshine Empire. Jarrod Luo is estimated to have joined the SDP after Sunshine Empire is investigated by the authorities. Could his SDP membership be a result of his discontent with how the authorities clamped down on Sunshine Empire?

We believe that Jarrod Luo had a name change or rather adopted an English name after Sunshine Empire got into trouble.

Repeated attempts of contacting Jarrod Luo have not been successful. At least Sheng Siong responded with a rejection. Jarrod Luo didn't even reply.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Naked SDP has no clothes to wear

In a latest blooper by the most irrelevant political party in Singapore*, the SDP mistook someone else for MM Lee!

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was speaking to students at the University Cultural Centre of National University of Singapore on 19 October 2009, Monday. However, in its article, the SDP mentioned criticised the MM Lee that spoke on "Sunday night".

SDP mentioned that MM Lee disregards the Gini coefficient. But that's not true! MM Lee Kuan Yew was answering to a student's question "Short of a Minimum Wage policy, what are the other ways we can help low-income Singaporeans other than CPF Life, ComCare, SPUR, Workfare, etc". As such, the SDP is skewing the facts and painting a wrong image.

As Singaporeans, we feel disturbed that SDP, as a political organisation, adopts such a negative writing style when penning about Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's very own founding father. Without MM Lee's leadership, the SDP might not even exist.

But the SDP's views do not matter. Channel NewsAsia reported that "The minister mentor will deliver a speech and receive the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award from the US-ASEAN Business Council during its 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner in Washington on October 27."

At the end of the day, the one that has no clothes to wear is the SDP

* based on a research by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Indiscriminate recruitment for Young Democrats

As the SDP rejoice the growing [based on assumption] numbers of its Young Democrats, its elites should begin to worry. Quantity does not mean quality, and especially in the Young Democrats, the quality seems to drop with every increase in its quantity.

Just look at the Honorary Secretary of the Young Democrats, Jarrod Luo. As a young graduate, he is now involved in an online gambling business called, a business linked to Grand Elitia. Upon our research on Grand Elitia, we found it linked to a fraudulent company. We have sent a private message to Jarrod Luo to ask him if he was involved there too. Online gambling is illegal in many countries including Singapore. Read more about Jarrod Luo in our article: "Who's Jarrod Luo?"

In contrast to the claim by the SDP that "the Young Democrats have also been doing their homework in raising discussions that interest young people in Singapore", a quick glance at the Young Democrats facebook page will very quickly turn you off. Other than members of the Young Democrats, no one else are contributing to the page.

An encounter with the Young Democrats in their facebook group has also been disappointing. Read the following articles to find out more:

Young Democrats not open to alternative views:
Young Democrats lift ban on Corns upon reading NOTMYSDP:
Anonymous reader returns with loopholes:

Has the SDP broken the Law?

According to the SDP article, "a 15-year-old student joined us for a walkabout and sales of The New Democrat". The law states that political parties must not recruit students (less tertiary ones) and that students should not be engaged in political activities.

Is the SDP desperate for young members that it indiscriminately recruits teens into Young Democrats? Do the teens even understand what is politics in the first place.

The answer lies here in our article, "Sell The New Democrat for Commission", . Are these underage students selling the SDP newspapers to earn a living?

SDP first to start youth wing but now has the weakest youth wing

SDP proudly proclaims to be the first political party to start a youth wing. It was started by Mr Chiam See Tong, which was ousted by Dr Chee Soon Juan. The current leadership has changed 360 degrees after Chiam's departure. However, Dr Chee and other SDP leaders still shamelessly claim Chiam's work as their own pride.

In fact, the Young Democrats cannot be compared to the youth wings of Workers' Party and the PAP. Even the youth wing of Reform Party is recruiting more youths than the SDP.

All in all, SDP has yet again been boastful about tiny achievements and show us that humility has no place in its value system.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SDP wants to fight PAP on all fronts except...

Capitalising on the AGC appeal on the acquittal of the TBT gang and the sale of HDB wet markets to Sheng Siong, Dr Chee Soon Juan is quick to exploit the situation and gain some political points for the SDP.

In his latest article, he outright declared that his party wants to fight the ruling party - PAP - on all fronts. The title appeared demeaning BUT after reading it, we found that his title was misleading. The title should instead be:

SDP wants to fight PAP on all fronts except winning the people's hearts

These are the actual fronts that the SDP want to fight:
  1. Contesting Elections
  2. "campaign for the rights of our freedoms of speech and assembly to be restored"
Point 1 -- Elections. Acceptable.

Point 2 -- Campaigning for rights

Read this: "The nonviolent action campaign conducted by my colleagues and I is not borne out of impulsive passion or angry desperation. They are a result of a careful review of what strategy works and what doesn't."

The SDP simply has no way to turn back. After numerous suits against Dr Chee and jail terms, Dr Chee has many reasons to fight for "rights". He fights for such "rights" so that he can clear his tainted name. The day he achieves the "rights" to strike and protest and demonstrate, he would be placed on the altar for his disobedient activities.

What about winning people's hearts?

SDP says interacting with people is "backbreaking work". The only interaction that SDP had till now was Tak Boleh Tahan (no updates for a long time), selling newspapers and walking the wet markets ONLY WHEN HDB wants to sell them. And yet, that's "backbreaking".

Walking the ground to the PAP, WP, and SDA means regular house visits to gather feedback from residents, not only during opportunities like sale of wet markets.

Fighting alone

To fight the hegemon PAP, SDP is going alone. Dr Chee did not mention, in any sense, that SDP would be working with other parties. It's been well-known that SDP has never respected WP as the leader of the Opposition.

As the least relevant party perceived by Singaporeans, it'd be definitely an uphill task for SDP.

Monday, October 12, 2009





《联合晚报》 12/10/2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

No One Bothers

A picture says a thousand words about the attitude of Singaporeans toward Singaporeans. Now we know why they have to offer commission for the sale of party newspapers.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sell The New Democrat for COMMISSION

Looking for a new job?

Help SDP sell its party newspaper for commission.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SDP's sad or happy day?

The following is a comment made by BryanT on the article about SDP members' acquittal.

SDP members and supporters won't know whether to laugh or cry over this acquittal.

Obviously, SDP should be euphoric that the acquittal vindicates what they have done in Sep 07. They could also rejoice that the judge has been amicable enough to interpret the law in their favour.

But I would like to remind SDP that it was let off on what seems like a technicality - the lack of a clear legal definition of "progression". Hence the judge has had to rely on a “natural and ordinary” meaning of the word.

SDP should note that this oversight (ie. lack of definition) can be easily corrected by parliament in future, although personally I think we should let it be, besides the fact it would make the government seem retributive to make the amendment at this stage.

On the other hand, SDP has reasons to be sad because the acquittal DEBUNKS their long-held and oft-repeated insinuation that the judiciary is at the beck-and-call of the ruling party. Here was a case whereby the judge has given SDP the benefit of doubt with regards to the law.

Based on its mindset, whenever judgments were proffered that were not favourable to the SDP, it would make accusations of judges being biased and beholden to the government. This mindset is embodied recent accusations made by its supporters of the type as follows:

- Shame on those lap dogs - the judges, ministers, technocrats, etc who are so educated yet have to suck up to one old
peesai miserable man.

- the ruling party has used the whole civil system like the police, army, media and justice to perpetrate the manipulation and suppression on the people

- Everyone knows kangaroos run our courts!

Now that a judge has shown clear and balanced legal mind to acquit these SDP members, the party and its supporter can no longer lay claims to persistent legal suppression. SDP can no longer deliberately breach laws and then attribute their incarceration to miscarriage of justice.

A principled judiciary is not helpful to SDP's cause since it has essentially lost one of its raison d'être to overhaul the Singapore system.

I know a sparrow does not summer make, but overall it's a sad autumn day for SDP.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Opportunistic SDP exploiting closure of wet markets

SDP showed off its opportunistic side when it objected to the closure of wet markets.

SDP stated its objective: "The SDP will take the case to Singaporeans especially the residents at the Bukit Panjang constituency where we contested in the last general elections." & "We will ask the residents to oppose the sale of the wet market at Fajar Road".

Isn't it ironic that when SDP economic policies are to encourage local companies to blossom with the elimination of GLCs, SDP is fighting against the expansion of local company Sheng Shiong?

Would it be wise for the SDP to capitalise on this issue and turn it into a political equation? It's your take.

SDP needs to reconsider its electoral weaknesses

In the last few days, SDP Assistant Secretary General, John Tan (the TBT person who treated the court like a circus) attended a forum in Seoul, Korea and "urged the international community to send monitors to Singapore during its next election".

In writing that the SDP are continuing the sale of its party newspapers, SDP highlighted several obstacles that lay in front of it, namely, "fear" of Singaporeans to vote against the PAP, and the "manipulation of the electoral process".

We believe that SDP is suffering from myopia and it needs to reconsider its electoral weaknesses in order for them to be ready for the next General Elections. There is really no point in dwelling at pointless accusations and external factors that the SDP cannot control.

These are our groups' observations and analysis on the SDP's electoral weaknesses.
  1. Lack of grassroots appeal

    While PAP, WP and SDA members conduct regular walkabouts at their constituencies and their "target constituencies", the SDP just sells newspapers. What SDP needs to do is to do more than just generating income from the sale of its newspapers. SDP should embark on house-to-house surveying and attempt to help locals directly.

  2. Seen to be anti-everything-under-the-sun

    SDP is well-known to be against every government policies and everything espoused by the ruling party. We can applaud SDP's effectiveness of transmitting such grievances and complaints. However, this has become a double-edged sword. On the other end, Singaporeans become disillusioned with SDP because SDP becomes a party with no useful outputs other than complaints.

  3. Cannot shed its criminal image

    With the numerous libel suits against SDP leaders, Singaporeans would be wary of voting the leaders who brushed with the law. In a society where locals are still not as forgetting and forgiving, SDP leaders might be shooting their feet if they continue to disregard the law.

  4. Unable to differentiate itself from other parties

    With the rising popularity of the Reform Party (since the death of JBJ and the coming of JBJ's son), the lines that differentiate SDP from the other parties become blurred. We know SDP claims it fights for democracy and human rights. Reform Party believes in that too. So does SDA and WP. So why vote for SDP?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Anonymous reader returns with loopholes

This comment is real interesting.

we tend not to reply comments to this blog, so this might be one major exception since this exposes the SDP.

Take sometime to read it... cuz' Corns is no facebook idiot...

Are you ready?


1) "Click members and u can see all sorts of things" --> only Admins would see the ban list, therefore Anonymous must be admin.

2) Anonymous mentioned earlier (read below) on that he/she checked the Corns'd a secure facebook account and cannot be located from the member list by normal members --> Anonymous must be admin.

Thank you, Anonymous 4 all the entertaining performance!!!

Who's Jarrod Luo?

Jarrod Luo is the Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats.

Excerpts from his facebook:
"... I'm currently working at a friend's company, training to be an assistant manager, as well as running some business on the sidelines..."
Businessman! Young Entrepreneur. Then I saw these photos:

Club Forwin website ( shows that it's an online gambling site.

This is further confirmed by this forum -->

Online gambling is illegal in Singapore & in some other countries such as the United Kingdom. Is this why SDP hasnt been championing against the opening of the IR casinoes, unlike WP and SDA?

This adds questions to the way SDP picks its "talents". Do they screen their candidates?

As a key office holder, Jarrod Luo stands a chance to be put up by the party for elections. Is this your party, your voice?

Young Democrats lift ban on Corns upon reading NOTMYSDP

cheers! Young SDP lifted ban after reading our blog! hurray yay :)

Allow me to now expose the "behind-the-scenes" actions by the SDP youths.

At 11:22pm, Young SDP Honorary Sec. Jarrod Luo started responding to a question Corns posed earlier on to Muhd Khalis Rifhan.

At 12:04am, an Anonymous reader posted a comment saying that he/she "just checked the ban list and its clean with no names on it". --> Must be an administrator of the facebook page.

At 12.11am, the Anonymous struck again, asking why we censored Jarrod's reply. Note: Jarrod replied at 11:22pm.

At 12:21am, Jarrod Luo told Corns that her links have been cleared (???) by the admin. He said they 'look forward to engaging with more opinionated individuals like you (Corns)'.

How hypocritical

Let's relook at who's the Admins for the facebook page.
  • Priveen Suraj (President of Young Democrats)
  • Jufri Salim (Vice-President of Young Democrats)
  • Jarrod Luo (Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats)
  • Muhd Khalis Rifhan
At the point of time of incident, Jarrod Luo's online. Could Jarrod Luo be the Anonymous poster? And after reading our complaints that Corns got banned, Jarrod then quickly went to lift the ban on Corns?

This mystery will only reflect the SDP's integrity. Did the youths learn from their SDP leaders?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Young Democrats not open to alternative ideas

I laugh when I read this from the Young Democrats page : Come into our Facebook page and be a part of a lively discussion about the need for political change in Singapore!

A few days ago, Corns (our teammate) joined the Young Democrats Facebook group and started to post her views. My initial post was removed by the Young Democrats, leaving behind a response from Muhd Khalis Rifhan to her initial post.

Next, the Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats, Jarrod Luo, responded in kind asking Corns to use the discussion board.

Since Jarrod wanted dirt to be swept under carpet, Corns decided to leave just her final question that Muhd Khalis Rifhan had not answered to her earlier on, before going under the carpet.

Well, Muhd Khalis Rifhan still did not answer to Corns' question, sadly.

At the discussion board, Corns posted this popular sentiment about the SDP -->

Seelan Palay was the last person to comment on my posting. Then when Corns logged in today, she found herself banned from the group!

Who could have banned Corns Tan?

The answer lies in 1 of the Admins.
  • Priveen Suraj (President of Young Democrats)
  • Jufri Salim (Vice-President of Young Democrats)
  • Jarrod Luo (Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats)
  • Muhd Khalis Rifhan (the Gentleman that did not answer my question)

1 of the reasons stated by the SDP as to why join Young Democrats is "The Young Democrats is a vehicle to express your opinions without constraints." link


Recall the days when SDP's website allowed anonymous comments? SDP was attacked and assaulted and that led SDP to restrict comments only to those who register. With yet another such episode in censoring alternative views, SDP has exposed its timidity and fearfulness of what they really stand for -- personal gains rather than for country.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jufrie Mahmood playing racial card

I was surprised to see a Hari Raya message this year coming from the SDP. The presenter is none other than SDP CEC member Jufrie Mahmood. He's the most ideal candidate since he is the most senior Muslim SDP member.

When I read his article today, I got a shock. (By the way, SDP claims that the article is an "amalgamation of several discussions with ordinary Singaporeans").

In the article, he wrote: "A Government leader tried to make us believe that I as a Malay enjoy special privileges under the constitution. In fact we Malays have not received any special treatment."

He provides no elaboration on what he envisages. And instead, he leaves us guessing and making our self-judgement. But the meaning is there. He's playing the racial card. Why would he want to mention about special Malay privileges? Is he saying that if SDP were to be the Government of the day, then Singapore Malays would be a special class from the rest? Is SDP attempting to split Singaporeans racially?

He also wrote: "The fact that Changi is number one really has nothing to do with me."

How Singaporean could that be? Does SDP want Singapore to fail?

As naive as could be, he added "But are we not supposed to be living in the First World and enjoying the Swiss standard of living?"

Should Singaporeans be fed with gold spoon from the moment they are born? Does SDP want meritocracy to be scraped and usher in a welfare state or worst still, a communist state?

Singaporeans are fortunate to be living in a peaceful society where the possibility of being starved is real low. Have you ever read about Singaporeans starving to death? NO. Instead we read about Jufrie Mahmood and friends' complaints on why the wealth of the deserved is not channelled to the lower strata.

Monday, September 28, 2009

SDP sells party newspapers instead of doing grassroots work

In yet another publicity stint, the SDP has started selling its party newspapers to people. Just when the Government is setting out to integrate new citizens here, the SDP is fighting back by attempting to split Singaporean society. The latest issue of SDP's newspapers is on the foreigners and locals paradigm.

Just less than a year ago, the SDP launched the Tak Boleh Tahan campaign, setting up booths to increase the grievances of locals in view of the economic recession. The campaign, which initiated with a great start, has now gone into silence. The fight for the commoners has now ceased.

Instead, SDP now "visited Tampines, Bedok and Geylang Serai during the Hari Raya period as well as the Central Business District during lunch time to sell the newspaper." The importance of raising funds for the party is now more important than fighting for the people.

It is now evident that SDP is eyeing the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, since it has been doing its rounds there (whenever it does). One wonders how SDP is going to win, when it is out of touch of the constituents and is not doing anything practical and concrete for the residents of Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

The SDP reported an interview with an Auntie that has difficulties in finding a job and who is maintaining "high expenses". The interview was laden with complaints. But Guess WHAT? The SDP just took away her money by selling her its party newspapers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SDP took 3 years to start publishing newsletter

SDP proudly announced that it will start selling its newsletter to "help the party raise funds" after SDP stopped selling 3 years back.

It sure took SDP a very very very long time to prepare for its party papers. 3 years!

Could you imagine if SDP forms the government one day?

When that day comes, the headline will go "10 years wait for rental flats".

Saturday, September 19, 2009

SDP is Party above Country

This is a proud moment for SDP, having one of the lowest membership as a political party in Singapore, to be photographed as a party.

Considering the fact that 12 of these people are the CEC members, there are a total of 39-12=27 SDP ordinary members. And thinking that some of these people are spouses of members.... well, there's a real long way to go for SDP.

But the main point is...

SDP is the political party that sees itself as a higher entity compared to our country Singapore. In the photo, members hold the party flag up high, higher than the National flag.

SDP's website frequently publishes foreign news about Singapore that puts Singapore in a negative limelight. SDP capitalises on these news sources to discredit Singapore and Singaporeans.

From the photo, we can now be sure that SDP is not pro-Singapore. They just want to be your party, your voice, but not your countryman.

Photo Credit: Copied from SDP website

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SDP supports screening of video of Singapore Traitor

SDP reported that Seelan Palay has submitted a video about Francis Seow.

It makes one wonder if SDP is really pro-Singapore. As we all know, Francis Seow was accused of having received funds from the United States and advice for the purpose of promoting democracy in Singapore.

Unlike our revered Opposition figure Joseph Benjamin Jeyaratnam who took on the PAP lawsuits one by one, Francis Seow fled Singapore and lived in exile ever since. Not so surprisingly, he is now a US citizen.

On one hand SDP wants to rid Singapore of foreign labour and talents, but on the other hand it admires the Singaporean who had betrayed his country and gave up Singapore's citizenship.

It doesn't take much to show how SDP is actually anti-Singapore.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

SDP following others' lead

Just as Members of the Parliament brought up the point in Parliament that the Government should focus more on local SMEs and businesses, SDP is quick to say that it is the one that originated the idea in Dr Chee's books.

This is another myth put on by the SDP. In actual fact, various ELECTED Opposition MPs have spoken in Parliament in regards to this matter, way before the Dr Chee wrote his books, or even before he stepped into Parliament.

By falsely saying that SDP is the one pioneering the shift of focus to local SMEs and businesses, SDP is actually showing its myopic and selfish face.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another 2 Activists Tak Boleh Tahan and Surrender

TBT Traitor 4: Chia Ti Lik

I read the papers in disbelief. One of the staunchest of the SDP members, Chia Ti Lik surrendered in court and pleaded guilty to "illegal assembly and procession" in front of Parliament House last year.

The reason cited for pleading guilty was "work commitment", a similar reason also cited by Traitor 2: Jeffrey George. This shows that they rather defend their rice bowls than their ideology.

TBT Traitor 5: Suraya binte Akbar

For Traitor 1 - 3, please click here to view

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not My SDP FaceBook Group

Welcome all patriotic Singaporeans to join the Not My SDP FaceBook Group at

Thursday, May 21, 2009

SDP says Anonymity in Cyber Space is Good

Italics are phrases/sentences copied from SDP's article...

"Challenge the accuser to produce the evidence to back up his or her claims, and even offer to reproduce them on your blog."

This just means NotMySdp is not accusing SDP in our blog and that all our articles give accurate information such that SDP is not countering our claims.

"By going to the police, however, we send the signal that we want the identity of the perpetrator revealed so that action can be taken. Get the police involved and we destroy the promise that the Internet offers."

Yes. It is such irresponsible actions taken that result in sexual predators stalking young girls online and getting away with it. The police should get involved and weed out all these bad crooks.

"there will always be attacks against our persons and reputations. Get used to it."

Talk about integrity. Can you allow others to smear our integrity. I say no. I don't know about our readers, but there is a limit to the accusations that others can do to you. Get too personal and that's it. Safeguarding your integrity is important. Only people who have no self-respect and no integrity would allow people to keep accusing oneself.

"But good leaders should not seek to take action, even though we can, against those who speak ill of us. However venomous and hurtful the words may be, we should rise above the attacks and seek dialogue and debate with our opponents."

SDP is being too idealistic. How do you seek dialogue and debate with your opponents when they are basically launching personal attacks on you. Just look at how SDP supporters create YouTube videos that directly attack Singapore leaders. Do not do unto others what you don't want them to do unto you!

"[SDP] use this website [] to expose these lies with reasoned confrontation and in so doing show up the silliness and emptiness of such people."

I guess SDP worded the article wrongly. Let me rephrase on its behalf: SDP uses to show up the silliness and emptiness of its people. With bias reporting and no practical solutions to every issues qualify SDP to be rated as a irrelevant party.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Siew Kum Hong is not a SDP Mole

Top 5 reasons why Mr Siew Kum Hong is not a SDP Mole?

  1. Siew Kum Hong is a Nominated MP. SDP is a critic of the NMP system
  2. Siew Kum Hong is representing the people by providing an alternative view in Parliament. SDP is representing itself outside Parliament.
  3. Siew Kum Hong is a lawyer, conforms to legal norms. SDP has many lawyer members but actively breach the law.
  4. Siew Kum Hong is seeking a second term as a NMP to be in parliament. SDP participates in elections because it has no choice.
  5. Siew Kum Hong offers practical ideas while SDP is bias and offers ideas that benefit itself.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Truth No.1: SDP not interested in elections

SDP finds it real difficult to participate in elections. In its articles, SDP states the many obstacles and challenges in participating in elections in Singapore. However, these challenges prevail even in the Western liberal states.

"Redrawn constituencies are not announced until the last minute."

This happens in many countries in the world. Singapore is a small island state and cannot afford to have political parties that are just keen to serve a small section of the population. Having the constituencies announced late will ensure that politicians derive popular support from the masses. A fixed boundary will give SDP an advantage since it can just concentrate on a group of constituents and neglect the rest.

"The GRC system makes it much harder for campaigning."

Till today, SDP still has no better alternatives to the GRC system in maintaining racial representation in parliament.

"Ballot papers are numbered."

When asked in Parliament by DPM Wong Kan Seng, WP chief Low Thia Kiang said he believed that voting is secret in Singapore. WP has an elected MP and a NCMP. SDP is merely using excuses to justify its poor electoral vote count. Ballot numbers help in ensuring that each piece of voting slip is genuine and that the ballot papers cannot be duplicated easily. Many non-profit organisation adopts the serialised ballot papers during their AGM voting processes.

"The campaign period lasts for only nine days."

SDP is vocal and is strong in rhetoric. A draggy campaign period will benefit itself because it can launch vocal attacks at other parties and hopefully gain sympathy votes. WP and SDA are able to win their seats even for a 9-day campaigning period because they have done their ground work regularly in their constituencies. Likewise for the PAP. SDP needs a long campaign period because it does not commit itself to grassroots work. Take for instance, the Tak Boleh Tahan campaign that it launched for the needy in Singapore. Money went into the pockets of SDP and the campaign now can no longer tahan anymore.

'threatening voters through HDB upgrading. The prime minister in a rare moment of honesty admitted that he needs to "fix" the opposition and "buy" votes.'

Other opposition parties can win seats despite such disincentives to vote them in. Stop finding excuses, SDP! Giving incentives for constituents is part and parcel of political campaigning and it takes place in every single country in the world!

"All this does not even include the fact that the entire media is in the hands of the PAP making it near impossible for voters to read and hear the alternative views."

Voters are able to use the internet to choose what they want to read. Another excuse given by the SDP because SDP readership is now lower and that's because Singaporeans have lost faith in SDP.

"So what should the opposition do? We have a choice: (a) boycott the elections or (b) take part in it. Option (a) is not feasible unless all the opposition parties agree to the boycott and then strategically work to force a reform of the electoral system.

Given the present state of affairs, we are left with only option (b). But even as we participate in the elections, we will not stop there. We will use the opportunity during elections to educate Singaporeans and raise awareness of the need for reform."

Boycotting the elections happen to be a choice for SDP. Boycotting elections is not a democratic action and surprisingly, the party that calls its members Democrats believe that boycotting elections is a choice! SDP is reluctantly participating in elections presently. That explains why it is not serious in fighting for what citizens really need -- healthy economy, high living standards.

This brings us to the conclusion that SDP is not interested in elections. It is participating in elections because it has no choice to do so!

Tak Boleh Tahan cannot tahan anymore

The Tak Boleh Tahan campaign organised by the SDP began with a good start. By a good start, I refer to the creative naming of the campaign.

Under the banner of "Tak Boleh Tahan", SDP began setting up Pasar Pagi (Morning market) to sell their collaterals and their plainly designed and cheaply printed tshirts, not forgetting also the books that few bookstalls find it saleable.

The last TBT campaign took place on 18 January 2009. (You kidding me?) Talk about a campaign to help needy Singaporeans. Not a single cent out of the sales generated went to the public. It's been more than 4 months and nothing has been heard.

The very fact is that the Tak Boleh Tahan campaign has already Tak Boleh Tahan in itself. Why? Because Singaporeans have lost interest in this campaign that selfishly seeks to absorb public donations for the party interest.

Other than the casual chat and providing a listening ear to complaints, there is no other form of engagement with the people on the ground.

Do SDP a favour the next time you see them hawking on the streets. Try not to treat them like beggars.

SDP hopes other Countries don't look to Singapore

The fact that a U.S. journalist praised Singapore's strategy on containing terrorism within the island state had riled the nerves of the anti-nation SDP. After failing to provide constructive ideas on how to handle Mas Selamat's escape and first to doubt the Singapore Police Force effort in providing intelligence to the Malaysians, SDP has become an anti-nation political party in Singapore.

The Internal Security Act (ISA) has enabled Singapore to survive through the threat of Communism and ensured the peace that we enjoy with the swift detaining of suspected terrorists. Without the ISA, could we have prevented the bombing of Yishun MRT or Changi Airport? Does the SDP have any suggestion at all?

SDP: "The fact that not a single shred of evidence has been presented against these detainees doesn't seem to bother Mr Dobson who incredibly lives in a country that prides itself on the rule of law."

Hey, the country that prides itself on the rule of law has already act without the law in Guantanamo Bay.

SDP: "The writer cites the president of the state-sanctioned Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, Mr Alami Musa, as saying that 'Singapore is the one place in the world I know where relations between the government and the Muslim community are better after 9/11.' How Mr Alami arrives at his conclusion is unquestioned and Mr Dobson passes the remark off as fact."

Is SDP trying to stir up some tension in multiracial and multireligious Singapore? This paragraph is totally challenging the fabric of the nation. SDP is insinuating that there is tension among the Muslim community. If the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore cannot represent the voice of the Muslims in Singapore, who else? How SDP arrives at its sentiment is fascinating.

What other strategies are there other than torture (U.S.) and
rehabilitating terrorists (Singapore)?

This is something SDP never says, or better worded, doesn't know. As always, they make mythical and biased criticisms but never leave behind a useful idea. This marks the uniqueness of SDP as compared to PAP, WP, SDA, etc.

Monday, May 18, 2009

SDP twisting facts of "Singapore's involvement in capturing Mas Selamat"

I refer to SDP's article "Wong gets worse". I hope this is the lowest that SDP can stoop because the facts were horribly twisted.

In the article, SDP claimed that:
He was reported in the Straits Times as saying that it was the "strong co-operation" between the police intelligence agencies on both sides of the Causeway that led to the apprehension of Mr Mas Selamat in Johor last week.

But the Malaysian side refuted such a claim, saying that "the operation to trace and capture Mas Selamat was carried out fully by the Malaysian police."
Usually, SDP copies news articles and posts it on their articles to allow readers to go through them. This time round, SDP did not do it. And there's a reason behind it. SDP is attempting to generate readership and controversy by making a false allegation.

Let's take a look at what The Straits Times and Bernama really reported:

Straits Times: "He (Wong) added that the arrest is the result of the strong co-operation between security agencies on both sides."

Bernama: "Although we did exchange intelligence, the operation to trace and capture Mas Selamat was carried out fully by the Malaysian police."

Both newspapers concurred that there was indeed cooperation and nothing else. So is SDP trying to cook up a story by dropping the phrase in Bernama that says "although we did exchange intelligence"?

What has SDP done throughout the whole Mas Selamat saga? Nothing!

And now that SDP chose once and again to side with foreigners, this time round Malaysians, it is yet another display of betrayal to the Singapore people.

SDP, why don't you be renamed as MDP and start blogging in Malaysia. You will most probably be able to win a seat there instead!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PAP MP in Ivory Tower? SDP Members in Outer Space!

A SDP activist, Seelan Palay, had recently wrote an article on how a PAP MP visited his residence and gave him gifts that he didn't think he needed. He then proceeded to state how useless these gifts are, which in fact they are useful.

These gifts include a postcard with details on MPS; caps, recycling bags and shirts.

The Postcard with details on MPS is important as some residents might not know where to seek help from. During Meet-the-People-Sessions, residents can seek help from their MPs directly. This is the best way to help someone who is in need.

Next, the collaterals with Woodlands symbol on them. These collaterals are obviously already produced way back for other events. The excess would be redundant if stored inside RC centres. A good way of course would be to distribute them to the residents during door-to-door visits. The collaterals help to create an identity among the residents and hopefully bond them together in a multiracial and cohesive society.

Now, it's easy to point fingers at others. Now let's POINT IT BACK TO THE SDP!

SDP shows it cares... by setting up a stall at the neighbourhood stall areas, SELLING SDP collaterals and labels it the "Tak Boleh Tahan!" campaign. At times of recession, it asks money from people instead of helping the unemployed get jobs or helping beggars have a wholesome meal. SDP wants your money!

Look throughout the publicity materials of the SDP. It has never (I mean really never) helped a single Singaporean in ways that could improve his or her life economically and pragmatically. There has been no successful testimonials of Singaporeans benefitting from financial aid or even counselling help.

SDP, Singaporeans no longer "Tahan" your ideologically-charged-up-but-practically-doing-nothing form of political ideology. Continue to stay relevant as an entertainment party!

Dr Chee just an Actor in a Play

According to SDP, "An American playwright, Garrett Hughes, recently penned a short 'scene' that took place when Dr Chee Soon Juan was imprisoned in 2006."

Finally, someone had discovered the acting talent in Dr Chee.

Take for instance the Hunger Strike incident. Dr Chee claimed he would protest via a hunger strike against his sacking from the National University of Singapore as a lecturer. Later, reporters found him secretly drinking glucose water.

Just look at how Dr Chee ingeniously arranges for cameraman to follow him when he does his usual yelling about Democracy with small groups of supporters. He enjoys the camera moment, doesn't he.

Let's hope that Dr Chee can one day clinch the Oscars Award. Then at least, he could really physcially do something for Singapore.

Friday, March 13, 2009

SDP calling out for Irrational Netizens

With some successes of politicians from other countries, SDP has now called for netizens to support it in the hope that it wins in the next General Elections.

SDP quoted two success stories, that of Barack Obama and Roh Moo-Hyun.

Yes, they both leveraged on the Internet to win elections, but the fundamental reasons they win over their opponents are not just the Internet. They have the substance and a proper track record.

Irrational Netizens might fall for this trick by the SDP but the majority would hopefully not.

Friday, February 27, 2009

SDP's "conspiratorial and destructive politics"

TODAY newspaper had requested an interview with Dr Chee over Opposition MP Chiam See Tong's comment about SDP being a party engaging in "conspiratorial and destructive politics". To this, Dr Chee had sent a reply, trying to dodge away from the question and instead paranoidly claimed that this was a gimmick to dampen the unity of the Opposition.

While Mr Chiam is able to rope in 4 political parties (now 3 since NSP withdrew) to form the Singapore Democratic Alliance, Dr Chee is unable to form an alliance with other political party. Even the newest Reform Party did not want to partner with SDP. Who would want to partner with the party with a leader who betrayed his predecessor?

Mr Chiam is right about SDP being conspiratorial and destructive. Where in Singapore would you find a political party that actively posts articles demeaning Singapore and painting a bad image on the beautiful island-state. Besides, SDP members routinely flout the rules of the state.

TBT Protesters believe in the Judicial System

In the recent SDP article, Why TBT protesters look forward to going back to court, it was reported that SDP views that "legal battles are one way through which Singaporeans can fight for their rights".

As such, SDP has contradicted itself since in the past, it has always lamented against the use of legal suits by members of the ruling party. However, it now agrees that legal proceedings are the way out.

We would like to thank SDP for their belief in Singapore's judiciary and hope that it could act in line with the laws that have kept Singapore safe and secure since independence.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Opposition bashing in SDP's "opposition unity" forum

Opposition bashing in forum on "opposition unity". Sounds like a misnomer? That's what exactly happened in a SDP forum. An opposition forum to call for opposition unity. But this is what the speakers had to say:

"Potong Pasir has got no upgrading because the people want opposition and they want the opposition which they voted into parliament to be a catalyst for the growth of opposition in Singapore, but are they getting it?" - SDP supporter Jufrie Mahmood, questioning the leadership of Chiam See Tong (who BTW does not belong to his party)

"As a party leader they even dare not make the move to go into a GRC and win a GRC. The people of Potong Pasir and Hougang have been betrayed because the opposition has not grown after so many years." - Jufrie Mahmood thinks Chiam and Low Thia Kiang has "no guts" and slams them for being traitors to the opposition's cause (as an opposition member himself he thinks he is not partly responsible for the opposition's state)

"Worse still, some opposition MPs remain silent when asked pertinent questions in parliament." - SDP supporter Ng E Jay criticizing opposition MPs (remember this was the guy who pleaded guilty when faced with a pertinent challenge)

"All opposition parties need only be clear of the fact that they exist to challenge the ruling party, not to give them a passing grade." - Ex-WP candidate Chia Ti Lik, bashing his ex-party's ex-SG (again). Low gave PAP a "passing grade" some time back.

If you notice, all 3 who criticize the opposition are with the SDP. Jufrie, Ng and Chia are heavily involved in SDP and are part of the TBT18 (or TBT16 minus Ng and another SDP guy who pleaded guilty. So much for "unity")

These are the following people who talk about opposition unity. Look at the facts and ask yourselves if they are fit to.

1. Jufrie Mahmood stood for elections under JBJ's WP in 1984, then switched to the "gutless traitor" Chiam's SDP in '88. For abandoning JBJ for Chiam years ago, he now sheds crocodile tears as a JBJ "supporter" in Hong Lim park and becomes a critic of Chiam.

He rejoined WP again in '91 and back to SDP again in '97. Does an opposition unity "advocate" need to keep switching parties?

2. Ng E Jay has called for opposition unity for the most times this writer can remember, but did nothing to further the cause. If anything, he prides himself as critic of the main opposition WP (because they have MPs in parliament and he thinks he can do better)

3. Chia Ti Lik resigned from WP out of spite and badmouthed his party to the press. As a SDP supporter now, he wants SDP to work with WP.

4. Sin Kek Tong (a former SDP member) led a pro-Chiam group which ruptured from SDP after Chee ousted Chiam. He is now chummy with his ex-party and ex-nemesis again. After seeing how Chiam got "bitten" by his protege, he criticizes Chiam for not working towards unity.

5. No. 1 "Wayang" Award goes to none other than their leader Chee Soon Juan, who said the opposition should "prosper thy neighbour, not beggar thy neighbour". Yet he keeps all the "beggar thy neighbours" at his side and appoints them to speak at the forum.

The best sayings must come from Alex Au of Yawning Bread:

"It was already quite directionless as the panelists presented their carefully prepared seven minutes each, but at question time, the wheels fell off the whole project."

"They were refreshingly honest, but how such frankness squares with opposition unity, which they all said they hoped for, escapes me."


Maybe the opposition MPs knew what they were going to expect and chose not to associate themselves with the SDP clowns, because they know their places in parliament have often invoked the jealousy of the SDP chaps.