Saturday, October 25, 2008

3 Activists Tak Boleh Tahan and Gives Up

Just less than 3 days into the TBT trial of the 18 SDP activists, 3 of them have already fallen from the group. No matter how the photos and videos of the SDP try to picture these activists as a united group standing for a good cause, all these had started to peel off in the eyes of the public. Singaporeans are now witnessing how these activists themselves are beginning to Tak Boleh Tahan and give up the fight.

The Myth of SDP's genuinity to the cause espoused by their TBT campaign

TBT Traitor 1: Ng E-jay

When the trial started in the morning, Ng E-jay can't wait to just plead guilty. See SDP activists belittle Civil Disobedience and Tak Boleh Tahan Campaign.

TBT Traitor 2: Jeffrey George

In order to be able to attend work on time, Jeffrey George thought of an ingenious idea. He decided to plead guilty since SDP donations could subsidise his penalties.

TBT Traitor 3: Yap Keng Ho

When cross-examining the police photographer, Yap Keng Ho repeatedly ask questions about the camera being used. He asked about the flash used to establish authenticity, thereby dropping hints that he didn't stand for TBT campaign and thus disassociating himself from the group. He's smart in not pleading guilty since he knows SDP donations are too little and can't help him much. The other 15 noticed that and lost patience with him. Chia Ti Lik even allied with the Prosecutor to get Yap Keng Ho to shut up! See the news report extract below:

Jeremy Au Yong, Political Correspondent
The Straits Times
25 October 2008

"THERE were disagreements in court on Friday as the first prosecution witness took the stand in the ongoing trial of 17 people charged with taking part in an illegal assembly outside Parliament House on Mar 15.

However, this came from among defendants themselves, as they could not see eye-to-eye on a number of matters.

Chief among these was the line of questioning of police photographer Nor Hidah Ali Jinnah, the witness.

At one point, lawyer Chia Ti Lik, a defendant, interrupted fellow defendant Yap Keng Ho's cross-examination to say: 'Your Honour, I do not see the relevance of this line of questioning. And I wonder why the DPP (Deputy Public Prosecutor) has not objected.'

Yap had been questioning the police photographer on the type of flash she used to take pictures of the scene. He said it was to establish the authenticity of the photos.

Staff Sergeant Nor Hidah had been tasked to take pictures of the area where the assembly and procession had allegedly taken place, to establish the setting.

Half an hour of questions from Yap delving into technical details of her camera equipment made his co-defendants lose patience..."

Stay tuned as we count down the days to the disbanding of SDP!


  1. You can now understand why the UN and the West care so much about Burma and Zimbabwe's opposition and little about Singapore's opposition

  2. I bet Nelson Mandela is laughing at SDP from where he is.

  3. pap won't be so stupid to disband sdp..... they want sdp to be around so they can show singaporeans what kind of opposition they have (like clowns) and to the rest of the world that we have opposition in spore (they behave like clowns so pls don't tell us we are suppressing them).

    that means..... hey!... sdp must be an 'approved' opposition party by the pap since they are allowed to stay.

    sdp should wind up themselves if they are not interested in acting like a party.

  4. if sdp stops creating nonsense if wound up, chee might lose his regular paychecks from foreign sources.

    anyone got more details about this.

  5. It's all elementary. We all know Chee S.J. has three kids, and so has John Tan.

    What do they live on that they could keep up with the protests, trials and prison sentences, all in the days of the week when everyone else is at work?

    Think about it.


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