Sunday, October 26, 2008

Highly Educated SDP Activists doesn't know Reasoning

It is surprising that a party led by a PhD graduate and with many highly educated individuals do not know simple reasoning. Below, those in quotes are words of the SDP:
"How does one ought to 'reasonably' know that having more than one person assemble outside Parliament is an offence?"
Even the average Joe in Orchard road can tell you that SDP activists did not simply assemble outside Parliament. They protested, donning cheaply printed T-shirts, and holding placards. Why is it that every time SDP claims it is campaigning and then later deny it when they go into the courtroom? Can anyone trust this party at all?
"Under cross-examination by one of the defendants, Mr Carl Lang, during the hearing yesterday, police witness Sergeant Nor Hidah said that she was "not sure" whether the area around Parliament House was a gazetted place within which a gathering of more than one person needs police permission. And get this -- she has been a police officer for eights years.

This begs the question, doesn't it? If an experienced police officer doesn't know the above requirement (and we'll wager our last dollar that Sgt Nor Hidah is not the only police officer who doesn't know) how does one expect the average guy to, reasonably or otherwise?"
Since SDP activists, including Dr Chee Soon Juan, feel that they are average, so be it. That explains why SDP is the party rated the worst in terms of credibility.

Stay tune to more entertainment brought to you by SDP in the courtroom for the days to come.


  1. I wonder where they will get their last $ to wager. I hope not with the last dollars innocent AnnA donated! SDP members should all be thrown out of the country for their attacks on our police force. Or at least, I hope they all get mugged and beaten up by holligans. Please don't call the police ah - you don't deserve their help.

  2. how do I contribute to your blog..... do you have an email?

  3. Send me email to Do notify me by commenting here so that I know you have sent me the email cuz' i seldom check that account. Thanks!

  4. Something in your email. You should ut your email somwhere on the left bar so people don't have to keep searching for it.

  5. Its the same with PAP lah!

    Twisted logic such as:
    1. up GST to help the poor
    2. "lighter touch" on internet but charge bloggers
    3. pay millions to avoid corruption
    4. etc etc

    more myths and legends to debunk about PAP.

  6. People can debunk the PAP myths in other blogs..... this is about SDP ok? They're not angels also and worse is, just as an opposition haven't come to power yet, they already think they above the law. Can you imagine what happens when they are in power????

  7. Dream on! As long as PAP does not suffer defeat at the polls, dun even dream to have ANY political party become govt! tsk tsk tsk so naive ....

  8. Hi, regarding this post, i just wonder. Does our Elites noe this rule too? I guess the average is average as they do not noe it. So if the Elites dunno, it makes them average?

    Luv ur alternative views though.


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