Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tan Jee Say escorted by SDP member

It turns out that Tan Jee Say is not shy in showing off his SDP support.

Tan Jee Say had been frequently sighted with SDP members after he declared his interest to run for President.

In his newly launched website, Tan Jee Say was even seen watching a soccer match with a member of the Young Democrats.

How Tan Jee Say wants to unite Singaporeans, without any past baggage from any political party, would be a huge question he has to answer. Or perhaps he has no answer to it.

So what does the above photo tells about Tan Jee Say?

That he wants to be different from Singaporeans or he is not supporting the Singapore team in the match against Taiwan.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Puzzled by Tan Jee Say's presidential promises

Here's a forum letter to The Straits Times. It shows how Tan Jee Say is acting as a proxy of the SDP in running for the Presidential race.

I AM curious about the reasons behind Mr Tan Jee Say's motivation to serve Singaporeans ('Another Tan enters the fray'; last Saturday).

The investment adviser has resigned from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). Yet he continues to promote his five-year $60 billion National Regeneration Plan, which he lobbied for as an SDP candidate at the hustings for the recent general election, in his presidential bid. Has he confused the role of Singapore's head of state with that of an opposition MP?

If he is elected president, Mr Tan is reported to have stated that he plans to turn the grounds of the Istana into a central park. As far as I know, no country in the world, including the United States, has done this for the official residence of its titular head.

Security is a key consideration. There is also the dignity of the office. Imagine a foreign dignitary being met by sweaty joggers on his way to an official meeting with our president and prime minister.

Singaporeans may want a president who is not merely a rubber stamp for government policies, but it is just as important that we do not elect someone who rolls out populist schemes to appeal to the masses.

Toh Cheng Seong