Friday, April 2, 2010

Chee Soon Juan lied to escape from questions from media

On the 28th of March 2010, Chee Soon Juan commented to the Shin Min Daily, rebutting the accusations by Mdm Loh Woon Lee Lina (otherwise known as Mrs Linda Chiam, wife of Mr Chiam See Tong) that Mr Chiam See Tong was ousted from the Singapore Democratic Party by Chee.

The article was then translated to English by The Straits Times on 29 March 2010.

Appearing cornered by Mrs Chiam, Chee Soon Juan "told the Chinese-language daily he did not want to take the issue further".

However, on 2 April 2010, the Straits Times published a forum letter written by Chee Soon Juan. He started the letter with "Mrs Chiam See Tong's comments in Monday's report... is regrettable". And then he continued to explain that "no one forced Chiam out".

What happened between the 3-4 days? Nobody knows.

Going back on his words, Chee Soon Juan went ahead to defend himself and stressed that Mr Chiam was wrong in that Mr Chiam "spoke at a Singapore Press Club and attacked his own party".

The forum letter was not posted on the SDP's website. This is the first time SDP is not posting its letter written to the press on its website.

Apparently, Chee Soon Juan had lied to the press, saying that he did not want to pursue the issue further, so as to escape from the questions that are posed to him by reporters.

This is yet another stark instance where the integrity of Chee Soon Juan is exposed.

Thinking back, do you believe him when he did the hunger strike? You shouldn't, because he drank glucose during the "hunger strike".

Vote wisely.