Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chee Soon Juan says Productivity linked to political system

The Straits Times (24-2-2010):

"Singapore Democratic Party chief Chee Soon Juan, in turn, disagrees completely with the way the Government is trying to boost productivity.

He blames the lagging productivity on an overdependence on multinationals, government-linked companies crowding out the SMEs and the absence of a open political system."

No other political party leaders agreed with Chee's point.

Monday, February 1, 2010

SDP movements in Tampines is just CSJ standing at Tampines MRT shouting slogans

A news report recently mentioned that several opposition parties are eyeing Tampines GRC, including the Singapore Democratic Party. The SDP is believe to target the area due to its limited resources and the fact that Tampines GRC is a "small and compact space".

NotMySDP conducted an email survey on a group of 15 people residing in Tampines GRC and found out from them about the groundwork that SDP is doing. These are some of the feedback and comments from the Tampines residents:

  1. "SDP movements in Tampines is just CSJ standing at Tampines MRT shouting slogans"

  2. "Chee Soon Juan hardly moves around elsewhere (other than Tampines MRT station)"

  3. "Chee Soon Juan is always at the MRT station beside Tampines Mall selling his newsletter with his whole group of people."

  4. "Chee Soon Juan stays there for like 2hrs and most people ignore him other than a few who mistake his newsletters for being free so its quite amusing"
We feel that SDP should not jump into the bandwagon to dilute the votes.