Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PAP MP in Ivory Tower? SDP Members in Outer Space!

A SDP activist, Seelan Palay, had recently wrote an article on how a PAP MP visited his residence and gave him gifts that he didn't think he needed. He then proceeded to state how useless these gifts are, which in fact they are useful.

These gifts include a postcard with details on MPS; caps, recycling bags and shirts.

The Postcard with details on MPS is important as some residents might not know where to seek help from. During Meet-the-People-Sessions, residents can seek help from their MPs directly. This is the best way to help someone who is in need.

Next, the collaterals with Woodlands symbol on them. These collaterals are obviously already produced way back for other events. The excess would be redundant if stored inside RC centres. A good way of course would be to distribute them to the residents during door-to-door visits. The collaterals help to create an identity among the residents and hopefully bond them together in a multiracial and cohesive society.

Now, it's easy to point fingers at others. Now let's POINT IT BACK TO THE SDP!

SDP shows it cares... by setting up a stall at the neighbourhood stall areas, SELLING SDP collaterals and labels it the "Tak Boleh Tahan!" campaign. At times of recession, it asks money from people instead of helping the unemployed get jobs or helping beggars have a wholesome meal. SDP wants your money!

Look throughout the publicity materials of the SDP. It has never (I mean really never) helped a single Singaporean in ways that could improve his or her life economically and pragmatically. There has been no successful testimonials of Singaporeans benefitting from financial aid or even counselling help.

SDP, Singaporeans no longer "Tahan" your ideologically-charged-up-but-practically-doing-nothing form of political ideology. Continue to stay relevant as an entertainment party!

Dr Chee just an Actor in a Play

According to SDP, "An American playwright, Garrett Hughes, recently penned a short 'scene' that took place when Dr Chee Soon Juan was imprisoned in 2006."

Finally, someone had discovered the acting talent in Dr Chee.

Take for instance the Hunger Strike incident. Dr Chee claimed he would protest via a hunger strike against his sacking from the National University of Singapore as a lecturer. Later, reporters found him secretly drinking glucose water.

Just look at how Dr Chee ingeniously arranges for cameraman to follow him when he does his usual yelling about Democracy with small groups of supporters. He enjoys the camera moment, doesn't he.

Let's hope that Dr Chee can one day clinch the Oscars Award. Then at least, he could really physcially do something for Singapore.

Friday, March 13, 2009

SDP calling out for Irrational Netizens

With some successes of politicians from other countries, SDP has now called for netizens to support it in the hope that it wins in the next General Elections.

SDP quoted two success stories, that of Barack Obama and Roh Moo-Hyun.

Yes, they both leveraged on the Internet to win elections, but the fundamental reasons they win over their opponents are not just the Internet. They have the substance and a proper track record.

Irrational Netizens might fall for this trick by the SDP but the majority would hopefully not.