Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dr Chee just an Actor in a Play

According to SDP, "An American playwright, Garrett Hughes, recently penned a short 'scene' that took place when Dr Chee Soon Juan was imprisoned in 2006."

Finally, someone had discovered the acting talent in Dr Chee.

Take for instance the Hunger Strike incident. Dr Chee claimed he would protest via a hunger strike against his sacking from the National University of Singapore as a lecturer. Later, reporters found him secretly drinking glucose water.

Just look at how Dr Chee ingeniously arranges for cameraman to follow him when he does his usual yelling about Democracy with small groups of supporters. He enjoys the camera moment, doesn't he.

Let's hope that Dr Chee can one day clinch the Oscars Award. Then at least, he could really physcially do something for Singapore.


  1. He could get the award "Slum Dumb no millionaire"

  2. Well, Martin Luther Jr often made use of the media to attract coverage for the struggle of racial equality. It is said that he never protested publicly unless the media was present.


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