Thursday, March 3, 2011

'Burn minister' man quits SDP

A SINGAPORE Democratic Party (SDP) member who was investigated for inciting violence against a minister has quit the party, citing internal disagreements.

Mr Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali, 27, was arrested in August last year for his comment on a Facebook group page set up to complain about the Youth Olympic Games' organising committee.

In the comment, he said it was time to 'burn Vivian Balakrishnan and the PAP'.

A day after his arrest, he met SDP leaders and later joined the party. The project executive helped out in organising rallies and walkabouts.

Last Friday, the police said in response to media queries that they will not be taking any further action against him.

Contacted yesterday, Mr Malik said he quit the SDP because of internal disagreements on 'matters of principle'.

He said some members were unhappy that he spoke to the media without prior approval about the case against him and were thinking of drawing up new guidelines. He felt these would be too restrictive: 'These protocols go against party ideals of democracy. It's very heavy-handed.'

Mr Malik, who e-mailed his resignation to SDP chief Chee Soon Juan on Tuesday night, also disclosed yesterday that he has applied to join the Singapore Malay National Organisation, a component party of the Singapore Democratic Alliance.