Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's True Protests do not lead to anarchy, but ...

I refer to the SDP's article "Protests do not lead to anarchy". As per normal, SDP had tried to subtly mislead readers. We shall examine each of the untruths and then argue against them. The sentences in quotes are extracts from the SDP's article.
"Why must closed minds conjure images of pandemonium and anarchy when we talk about protests? Why can't protests be civil, disciplined, and peaceful as demonstrated by peoples all over the democratic world? Why must people who call for protests and challenge unjust laws be always demonised?"
By inference, SDP feels that Singapore is already a true democracy. Protests have never been always been civil, disciplined and peaceful ALL OVER the democratic world.
"Laws against protests in Singapore were not handed down through some heavenly edict. They were introduced by white men to subjugate brown, yellow, and black ones during their colonial rule."
Did Democracy come from the East?
"Have protests suddenly become morally acceptable? The truth is that freedom of assembly has never been morally undesirable. It is dictators that, for obvious reasons, outlaw them and give the convenient excuse that protests are bad for society."
I don't remember any PAP leaders comparing the act of protest to morality.

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