Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SDP to pay S$610,000

There's a price to pay for disrespecting the judicial court and irresponsible accusations. Even before SDP gets itself into lawsuits, the precedent cases of defamation suits were abundant. The Opposition knows it, and we have seen how Workers' Party and Singapore Democratic Alliance could win elections without slandering others.

SDP leaders have to be responsible for slander. The only chance they had in court to bring in their valid arguments was wasted away by the drama they created within the court. At the end of the day, after SDP leaders had fun in the courtroom, they started to blame it on others (PAP) instead of reflecting on themselves.
PM Lee, MM Lee awarded 6-figure sums in libel case against SDP & party leaders
Margaret Perry, Channel NewsAsia

The High Court has awarded six-figure sums to both Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew in their libel case against the Singapore Democratic Party and its leaders.

Justice Belinda Ang said she came to the conclusion that a fair and reasonable figure for damages was S$500,000 for Mr Lee Hsien Loong and S$450,000 to Mr Lee Kuan Yew for defamatory remarks which appeared in an SDP publication during the 2006 General Election.

After taking into account the S$170,000 which each plaintiff had earlier received in settlement from six other defendants, she awarded damages of S$330,000 to be paid to Prime Minister Lee and S$280,000 to Minister Mentor Lee.

Justice Ang said the amount was commensurate with and proportionate to the gravity of the libel and the "egregious behaviour" of the defendants Chee Soon Juan and Chee Siok Chin.

Justice Ang said defendants Chee Soon Juan and Chee Siok Chin had played to the gallery.

She ordered them to pay aggravated damages, saying they had attempted to establish the truth of the libel under the pretext of cross-examining the plaintiffs.

She added the plaintiffs had been "subjected to insulting behaviour and more than unpleasant cross-examination, which increased their sense of having been ridiculed and humiliated".



  1. Seriously, i don't know why CSJ is still here in Singapore. Get out of here and find greener better pastures elsewhere - where there are no PAPs and LKYs croonies. Instead of staying and being declared a bankrupt and fighting and fighting and paying and paying till you die (like JBJ) -- Its not worth it. Useless cause. As long as they are still in power, they will do all they can to stop others. Its the basics of life. And we Singaporeans have to live with it. Why? Because we couldn't care less. As long as things work, we are happy with it. If you're not, best advice is to get out while you can. Singapore is made up of a nation of immigrants anyway - So live up to traditions. Pack your bags and leave.

  2. Very petty, this PM and Mm. Why Pm gets extra $50k ? How to justify? Mm should get more as he is the father of Singland.


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