Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dr Chee gets Legal Help from Foreign Talent

When it comes to day-by-day politics, SDP condemns the ruling party from engaging foreign labour and talents into Singapore, arguing that they compete with locals for jobs.

In a dramatic twist of events, Dr Chee is now accepting legal help from a foreign talent! The foreign talent happens to be Mr Robert Amsterdam, a Canadian lawyer.

As TBT trial proceeds, we are now looking at how SDP members went back on their words, one by one...


  1. My sentiments exact. I've long seen this application of double standards from SDP.

    Someone fearful of SDP reprisal on the net

  2. How naive!

    Which lawyer in Singapore has the balls to engage the PAP-appointed Courts?

  3. Singaporeans no balls to work at construction sites so bosses hire foreign 'talent' and you complain. KNS SDP dog!

  4. Yeah lor! Singaporeans all no balls wan, including you ....

  5. CSJ's wife Huang Chih Mei is Taiwanese hor. CSJ is the biggest hypocrite ever. HCM has an alter ego wendyneo in Youtube. Wanna know what kind of people the Chees are? Just search for wendyneo under Youtube and you'll get the idea.


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