Monday, October 13, 2008

SDP Treats the Court as a Circus

Referring to the SDP article "Lighter moments in court", we can now be convinced that the championing of rules of law by the SDP is insincere.

In previous trials in court where Dr Chee and Ms Chee were debating with the MM and PM Lee, the Chees had already shouted in court and failed to respect the judiciary in doing so. However, some Singaporeans then felt that they had done a good job in bringing out some of the common grievances of the population.

This time round, it finally confirmed the lack of respect of the Courts by SDP.
"The DPP interjected saying that the defendants were jumping to conclusion that they would be found guilty. The defendants chuckled to themselves, one of whom was Mr John Tan, SDP's assistant secretary-general.

Mr Tan then remarked: That's really funny."
How are Singaporeans going to believe that SDP wants to champion on the platform of rule of law when it has no basic respect for the institution of law?


  1. Maybe it is b/c they saw kangaroos.

  2. Clearly deluded people. Try to make a mockery of the Courts.


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