Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SDP's latest Proxy Alex Tan Zhixiang

A beacon of hope seems to appear for the Singapore Democratic Party as the "online hero" Alex Tan Zhixiang aligns himself with the Young Democrats. NOTMYSDP has in various posts shown how weak the Young Democrats is and the myths surrounding them. With reinforcement of a new media darling Alex Tan Zhixiang, Young Democrats can now capitalise on this attention-seeking individual to bring it to newer heights.

Alex celebrates his feature in The Sunday Times, with the support of Young Democrats' Honorary Secretary Jarrod Luo.

Several other prominent YD members/supporters are also leveraging on Alex Tan Zhixiang's fame by commenting and writing on his facebook wall.
Alex Tan Zhixiang also openly supports the Young Democrats' supporters/members:

This appears to be a well-coordinated move by the SDP to rope in a proxy to fight this online battle. The SDP has been known to capitalise on proxies (supporters who aren't given the membership to make them appear neutral), including Seelan Palay and Chia Ti Lik. SDP is playing a smart strategy not to give membership to Alex Tan Zhixiang as he openly denounces National Service and had a criminal record (According to Sunday Times, he was charged when he was serving National Service). As a member, he would be a liability to the party, so SDP is using him as a proxy.

Alex Tan Zhixiang added Corns Tan as his facebook friend. Utilising the access to Corns Tan's account, Alex Tan Zhixiang acted as an outpost for the SDP. He also issued a challenge which he mistakenly thought that NOTMYSDP was a PAP initiative.

So Who is Alex Tan Zhixiang?

Alex Tan Zhixiang claims to be working as an engineer with ISPL. However, it is found that he actually owns a tuition business "Tuition Now" with a friend Jason Soh - see facebook link (

A browse-through his profile and photos shows that he is very much a loner.

Alex Tan Zhixiang's Friendster
Alex Tan Zhixiang's Facebook

It is not known how Alex Tan Zhixiang joined the SDP but our sentiments are that he had subscribed to SDP's views soon after he was charged and served sentence in detention barrack during National Service.

NOTMYSDP will continue to check on the SDP and expose all its myths and untruths that it creates so as to allow Singaporeans to understand this party.

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