Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SDP wants BAN on news reports during GE

Singapore Democratic Party's Chairman, Gandhi Ambalan wants a complete ban on news reports during GE. This was in response to the proposed cooling-off period mooted by the PAP.

A complete ban would mean that Singapore be shut off from external world. Thousands of news network would be disallowed to mention Singapore in their reports. Sounds silly? Wait till you hear more!

Gandhi Ambalan writes, "Direct communication through rallies and groundwork have been opposition's mode of reaching out to voters."

Gandhi should speak for himself or for the SDP instead of speaking on behalf of the opposition. Workers' Party and Singapore Democratic Alliance members does groundwork before GE. When Gandhi Ambalan writes that, it gives a feeling that the SDP had not been doing their ground work. Would a longer campaigning period help? One wonders.

One reader of the SDP website had this comment to make about the SDP:

"SDP repeatedly prides itself on its ability to bypass the ruling party's control of the MSM through its mastery of the alternative media.

Complaining is just a (further) indication that it has run out of imaginative ideas to reach the electorate. More importantly, it should worry about what messages it wants to convey rather than raise hue and cry over the restrictions over the means.

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  1. it's already GAME OVER for SDP long ago when chee ousted chiam the original SDP's founder.

    those clowns are just living in denial and thinks that voters give them a hoot to all their public silly antics.


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