Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Seelan Palay & Co. Communism Supporters?

Seelan Palay is a guitarist with the band called Ila Mitra. Scratching your head over what Ila Mitra means?

Ila Mitra (Bangla: ইলা মিত্র) (1925-2002) was a legendary peasants movement organizer of the Indian subcontinent, especially in Bengal (now Bangladesh). She was born to an upper middleclass Bengali family in Kolkata on 18 October 1925. She became a communist during her youth. In 1945, she married Ramendra Mitra, who was an active member of the Communist Party despite his lineage from a zamindar (landowner) family of Chapai Nawabganj.

Seelan Palay and his Ila Mitra band members are pro-SDP and had participated in various SDP events, such as the IMF-World Bank distribution of flyers:

So why would someone pick the name of Ila Mitra? Not unless they are respect and look up to Ila Mitra.

That makes Seelan Palay and friends supporters of Communism. Perhaps that's why Seelan Palay has not been given the SDP membership.

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  1. Good work. I am a silent admirer of your crusade against the fallacies and lies of the SDP.

    I am sure many others are reading this space, just that they are remaining silent. You can include a web counter to get an idea.

    Nevertheless, Keep it up :)

  2. Like I replied on Facebook regarding this allegation: I admire the work that Mother Teresa did for the poor. Does that mean I'm a Roman Catholic?

  3. You're on 'blogger spotlight'.


  4. just to fact check

    the 3-boy crusade to distribute flyers at the imf-world bank meeting (as cited in your screenshot above) was not organised or related to SDP.

    and unfortunately, seelan palay is NOT a communist.


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