Monday, January 18, 2010

SDP's John Tan plays the Religion Card

Hello everyone. I'm Nur Aishah and one of the founding members of the NotMySDP team. I'm compelled to stand forward, writing in my own name, to defend something that is so important to me, and which had been insulted by Singapore Democratic Party's Assistant Secretary General, John Tan, in his Christmas video message.

In a video with a duration span of less than 8 minutes, John Tan mentioned the word "Jesus" more than 13 times.

According to SDP's website, John Tan was a bible scholar and a missionary intern. He was previously a lecturer at James Cook University but was expelled after he was charged in court for his group's "Tak Boleh Tahan" protest. He is now a "social psychologist", as stated on the party's main site.

If John Tan had made the Christmas message a personal one, I wouldn't mind. BUT, he was speaking for the party - Singapore Democratic Party - and so whatever he said must be held accountable to Singaporeans, of all races and religions.

Beginning with Jesus' story from the bible, John Tan went ahead to invoke Christianity beliefs that justified SDP's ideology.

John Tan also went ahead to say how Jesus enlightened other religious prophets to follow his steps.

I wonder why has no one charged him for saying such irresponsible and anti-religious harmony.

To John Tan & SDP members who subscribed to such anti-religious harmony sentiments, you are the FOXes!

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