Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SDP's Proxy Alex Tan Zhixiang defects

The latest proxy of Singapore Democratic Party has declared on his blog that he had defected to Singapore People's Party (SPP).

With the support of anonymous netizens, Alex Tan Zhixiang launched numerous attacks against Young PAP members. SDP's Young Democrats also pitched in to discuss with him via facebook regarding political issues.

SPP is now led by the former Secretary-General of the SDP, Mr Chiam See Tong. Chiam was the one who groomed SDP's Chee Soon Juan. When Chee Soon Juan performed a high-publicity hunger strike over the misappropriation of funds, which led to him being sacked by his employer NUS, Chiam opposed to it. However, Chee Soon Juan soon became the publicity boy for the party and caused a split within the party, finally resulting in the ouster of Chiam.

Chiam sued SDP, and the court ruled in favour of Chiam that it was illegal for the party to expel him. That meant Chiam could retain his seat in parliament. By the next General Election, Chiam founded a new political party, the Singapore People's Party.

Alex Tan Zhixiang also referred to Chiam See Tong, as the Respectable Chiam. It is no wonder why he had picked SPP over SDP.

And our team wishes him all the best.


  1. Not that it is important, but I doubt Alex was a member of SDP.

    Having SDP's YD members pitching "in to discuss with him via facebook regarding political issues" cannot be used to infer that he was a SDP member.

  2. He never joined the SDP. Get your facts right if you are supposed to be a site which Raison d'être is to dispel myths instead of creating new ones of your own.

  3. What a rubbish post. Alex Tan was never a member of the SDP and this blog has provided ZERO evidence that he was ever associated with them, in the author's haste to bash the SDP in at every turn with shaky evidence.

    Just because you tolerate or agree with someone doesn't mean you are their proxy. Was Lee Kuan Yew a Communist proxy whom defected subsequently when he initially tolerated communist members of the PAP in its early years?


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