Thursday, January 28, 2010

YD Jarrod Luo snubbed by WP Sylvia Lim

The National University of Singapore Students' Political Association (NUSPA) and Socialist Democratic Club recently organised a policy forum - "Policy Face-off - Immigration Policies: How many is enough?"

The Facebook event wall stated: "All Staff / Students need to flash their Staff ID / Matriculation Card to gain entry into the venue." (See facebook event)

Interestingly, Jarrod Luo from the Young Democrats, youth wing of Singapore Democratic Party, managed to enter the theatrette.

Jarrod Luo was quick to pose a question to Ms. Sylvia Lim, Chairman of Workers' Party, regarding her views on Minimum Wage, in a brazen attempt to challenge her. Some of the participants were puzzled because the forum was dealing with "Immigration Policy", and the question appeared out of topic.

Charismatic as she is, Ms. Sylvia Lim snubbed Jarrod Luo, by disagreeing with Jarrod Luo's view that Minimum Wage policy should be enforced in Singapore. Ms. Sylvia Lim even went to the extent of agreeing with the PAP Government's take on Minimum Wage. After this "smack-in-the-face" response, Jarrod Luo hurriedly retreated to his seat. It's interesting to see how shallow Jarrod Luo appeared to be. Perhaps just reiterating the party's stand on Minimum Wage, Jarrod Luo didn't seem to be able to convince the audience on Minimum Wage policy.

Jarrod Luo could have read more about Workers' Party before jumping on to Ms. Sylvia Lim.

In the Workers' Party Manifesto 2006, under the heading of "Labour Policy and CPF", it was stated that "* The minimum wage in Collective Agreements should be strictly enforced. Union leaders should educate employees on their minimum wage and to make a report if they have been "short-changed"."

Minimum Wage Policy and "minimum wage in Collective Agreements" are both different issues.

By not understanding counterparts in the opposition, Jarrod Luo humiliated himself in the theatrette, with close to 300 staring at him.

For those who want to know more about Jarrod Luo, you may wish to read "Forumers point out Jarrod Luo's involvement in Sunshine Empire" & "Who's Jarrod Luo?"

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