Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Forumers point out Jarrod Luo's involvement in Sunshine Empire

Forumers have pointed out Jarrod Luo's (Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats - Youth wing of Singapore Democratic Party) involvement in the Ponzi Scheme Sunshine Empire.

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Forumers have found photos of Jarrod Luo with Sam Mok, who is the Managing Director of Sunshine Empire.

In one photo, Jarrod Luo is pictured side by side Sam Mok, and wearing a tag, with a image in the background. is believed to be a splinter of Sunshine Empire.

About Sunshine Empire

Sunshine Empire is a defunct company, with all assets frozen by the Singapore Government. The Founder and CEO are currently on trial for running fraudulent trades and investment schemes.

It was set up in 2006 as a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company, based Singapore.

The company is listed by the Singapore Government's Monetary Authority in its Investor's Alert List, for possibly running investment schemes without authority.

Following months of investigation by the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police, Sunshine Empire's Directors will appear on trial at Singapore's Subordinate Courts in March 2009 for falsifying accounts, making false capital declarations and running a fraudulent trade.

The company had gathered up to S$189 million in funds through investment schemes, alleged to have never materialised and in fact a Ponzi scheme. Initial trial revealed that over S$115m were paid out as 'investment returns', while another S$40m were transferred to associates as 'interest free loans' and the remaining believed to have been expended or paid out to directors as fees.


It is not known if Jarrod Luo had been an active multilevel marketer at Sunshine Empire. Jarrod Luo is estimated to have joined the SDP after Sunshine Empire is investigated by the authorities. Could his SDP membership be a result of his discontent with how the authorities clamped down on Sunshine Empire?

We believe that Jarrod Luo had a name change or rather adopted an English name after Sunshine Empire got into trouble.

Repeated attempts of contacting Jarrod Luo have not been successful. At least Sheng Siong responded with a rejection. Jarrod Luo didn't even reply.


  1. Frankly, guilt-by-association is not a line I would normally advise pursuing. Being acquainted or associated with an organisation or persons who are alleged to have committed criminal offences does not make one guilty too.

    If there are grounds to suspect Jarrod (or anyone) acted illegally, it’s our duty to inform the police. We should not be subjecting anyone to an indictment via the “cyber-court” of loose opinions and hearsay.

    Jarrod has the right to change his name anytime he wishes. If I changed my name on 11 Sep 2001, it cannot be inferred that I have a fetish for ramming aircrafts into buildings.

    Let’s judge people by their words and acts, and hold them to account vigorously especially if they are seeking to represent people in parliament.

  2. "reply", not "replied." Time to start correcting your English before you can even be taken seriously.

  3. SDP claims they want transparency and clean leaders. This post takes the SDP's claim back to itself. Good job


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