Sunday, October 18, 2009

Indiscriminate recruitment for Young Democrats

As the SDP rejoice the growing [based on assumption] numbers of its Young Democrats, its elites should begin to worry. Quantity does not mean quality, and especially in the Young Democrats, the quality seems to drop with every increase in its quantity.

Just look at the Honorary Secretary of the Young Democrats, Jarrod Luo. As a young graduate, he is now involved in an online gambling business called, a business linked to Grand Elitia. Upon our research on Grand Elitia, we found it linked to a fraudulent company. We have sent a private message to Jarrod Luo to ask him if he was involved there too. Online gambling is illegal in many countries including Singapore. Read more about Jarrod Luo in our article: "Who's Jarrod Luo?"

In contrast to the claim by the SDP that "the Young Democrats have also been doing their homework in raising discussions that interest young people in Singapore", a quick glance at the Young Democrats facebook page will very quickly turn you off. Other than members of the Young Democrats, no one else are contributing to the page.

An encounter with the Young Democrats in their facebook group has also been disappointing. Read the following articles to find out more:

Young Democrats not open to alternative views:
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Anonymous reader returns with loopholes:

Has the SDP broken the Law?

According to the SDP article, "a 15-year-old student joined us for a walkabout and sales of The New Democrat". The law states that political parties must not recruit students (less tertiary ones) and that students should not be engaged in political activities.

Is the SDP desperate for young members that it indiscriminately recruits teens into Young Democrats? Do the teens even understand what is politics in the first place.

The answer lies here in our article, "Sell The New Democrat for Commission", . Are these underage students selling the SDP newspapers to earn a living?

SDP first to start youth wing but now has the weakest youth wing

SDP proudly proclaims to be the first political party to start a youth wing. It was started by Mr Chiam See Tong, which was ousted by Dr Chee Soon Juan. The current leadership has changed 360 degrees after Chiam's departure. However, Dr Chee and other SDP leaders still shamelessly claim Chiam's work as their own pride.

In fact, the Young Democrats cannot be compared to the youth wings of Workers' Party and the PAP. Even the youth wing of Reform Party is recruiting more youths than the SDP.

All in all, SDP has yet again been boastful about tiny achievements and show us that humility has no place in its value system.


  1. To be fair, there was no member that the 15 year-old has been "recruited" into the SDP or YD. He was reported to have volunteered to help with the selling of TND.

    But the (adult) SDP members should responsibly have sent him packing home to do something more worthy for a 15 year-old, eg. mugging for his year end exams or something more befitting for a child.


  2. Correction, I meant "there was no MENTION that...." The old brain is working up.

  3. Hi Bryant,

    Feel free to contribute to this blog via my email .

    My various posts at the SDP website as well as the SDP facebook pages have all been blocked out by the very party that claims it fights for freedom of speech.

  4. Thanks, I'll consider the offer.

    Yes, the censorship at SDP's website is rather heinous and is a clear contradiction of what it purportedly champions. They feel justified to do something that they accuse the ruling party of carrying out. I've tried to remind them that a few mirrors (to see themselves) should come in handy to see this paradox.

    My intent (miniscule and seemingly fruitless as it is) is to prod them to this realisation. But the rah-rah gang there tend to mistake constructive comments for something spouted by the PAP IB that they believe exists (and includes me).

    I know, my beliefs can be perceived to stem from my naiveté, but well....

  5. I read with interest to your post and may i quote "Just look at the Honorary Secretary of the Young Democrats, Jarrod Luo. As a young graduate, he is not involved in an online gambling business... ..We have sent a private message to Jarrod Luo to ask him if he was involved there too." I'm not sure how does it sound like to everyone but to me, it sounds like you guys are 101% certain that this Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats is really doing something illegal. Yet,you guys have no solid evidence or anything that amounts to an evidence to prove that this chap is really doing illegal stuffs. As a result, you guys have to ask that person in question to provide you with that evidence you guys so hopefully sought after. This sounds so ironical.

    Just reading the past few blog posts gives me a feeling that you guys like to up-play things that seem so small. Maybe its just me but just this post alone, a 15 year old student joining the SDP for a walkabout could amount to him/her joining the SDP for financial motivation and thus he/she decided to break the law. Have you guys really talked to the child at all before posting such irresponsible post? Do you guys even spare a thought for the person(s) in question when writing posts?

    Your blog gives me the feeling that you guys are very free to follow up on SDP's website each and everyday. Once something new is up, you guys will just start shooting them with little or no regards. Why waste your time and effort when you guys could have better use your time elsewhere like perhaps be really political active, set up a political group and campaign for what ever ideas that you have. Who knows, you guys might be the next in line for parliament? Just a suggestion.

    Talking about posting of comments, didn't you guys just removed people's ability to post as anonymous?! now we need transparency somehow with regards to the identity of the person who post comment...but how transparent are you guys? hmmmmmm...

  6. Hi he knows,

    Thanks for agreeing with us that the SDP is not "transparent". I have edited the comment box text: "we will adopt SDP-style of allowing no-reply-to-comments-and-no-allowing-of-anonymous-comments approach".

    Read our first post in this blog. We mentioned our purpose of writing this blog. We are not interested to contest for political appointments. We just want to expose the myths of the SDP to Singaporeans (especially naive youths).

    The 15-year-old is not named. To what we know, this might be a fictitious claim by the SDP. Would he get hurt when his name is not here and he can't be identified? If he's hurt, he really needs to stop joining SDP activities because he's not ready yet.

    Believe us. We have the proof that Jarrod Luo was involved in online gambling. We are in the midst of pooling all the photos together. Watch this blog for updates.


Please note that we will adopt SDP-style of allowing no-reply-to-comments-and-no-allowing-of-anonymous-comments approach