Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SDP wants to fight PAP on all fronts except...

Capitalising on the AGC appeal on the acquittal of the TBT gang and the sale of HDB wet markets to Sheng Siong, Dr Chee Soon Juan is quick to exploit the situation and gain some political points for the SDP.

In his latest article, he outright declared that his party wants to fight the ruling party - PAP - on all fronts. The title appeared demeaning BUT after reading it, we found that his title was misleading. The title should instead be:

SDP wants to fight PAP on all fronts except winning the people's hearts

These are the actual fronts that the SDP want to fight:
  1. Contesting Elections
  2. "campaign for the rights of our freedoms of speech and assembly to be restored"
Point 1 -- Elections. Acceptable.

Point 2 -- Campaigning for rights

Read this: "The nonviolent action campaign conducted by my colleagues and I is not borne out of impulsive passion or angry desperation. They are a result of a careful review of what strategy works and what doesn't."

The SDP simply has no way to turn back. After numerous suits against Dr Chee and jail terms, Dr Chee has many reasons to fight for "rights". He fights for such "rights" so that he can clear his tainted name. The day he achieves the "rights" to strike and protest and demonstrate, he would be placed on the altar for his disobedient activities.

What about winning people's hearts?

SDP says interacting with people is "backbreaking work". The only interaction that SDP had till now was Tak Boleh Tahan (no updates for a long time), selling newspapers and walking the wet markets ONLY WHEN HDB wants to sell them. And yet, that's "backbreaking".

Walking the ground to the PAP, WP, and SDA means regular house visits to gather feedback from residents, not only during opportunities like sale of wet markets.

Fighting alone

To fight the hegemon PAP, SDP is going alone. Dr Chee did not mention, in any sense, that SDP would be working with other parties. It's been well-known that SDP has never respected WP as the leader of the Opposition.

As the least relevant party perceived by Singaporeans, it'd be definitely an uphill task for SDP.

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