Thursday, October 1, 2009

Young Democrats not open to alternative ideas

I laugh when I read this from the Young Democrats page : Come into our Facebook page and be a part of a lively discussion about the need for political change in Singapore!

A few days ago, Corns (our teammate) joined the Young Democrats Facebook group and started to post her views. My initial post was removed by the Young Democrats, leaving behind a response from Muhd Khalis Rifhan to her initial post.

Next, the Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats, Jarrod Luo, responded in kind asking Corns to use the discussion board.

Since Jarrod wanted dirt to be swept under carpet, Corns decided to leave just her final question that Muhd Khalis Rifhan had not answered to her earlier on, before going under the carpet.

Well, Muhd Khalis Rifhan still did not answer to Corns' question, sadly.

At the discussion board, Corns posted this popular sentiment about the SDP -->

Seelan Palay was the last person to comment on my posting. Then when Corns logged in today, she found herself banned from the group!

Who could have banned Corns Tan?

The answer lies in 1 of the Admins.
  • Priveen Suraj (President of Young Democrats)
  • Jufri Salim (Vice-President of Young Democrats)
  • Jarrod Luo (Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats)
  • Muhd Khalis Rifhan (the Gentleman that did not answer my question)

1 of the reasons stated by the SDP as to why join Young Democrats is "The Young Democrats is a vehicle to express your opinions without constraints." link


Recall the days when SDP's website allowed anonymous comments? SDP was attacked and assaulted and that led SDP to restrict comments only to those who register. With yet another such episode in censoring alternative views, SDP has exposed its timidity and fearfulness of what they really stand for -- personal gains rather than for country.


  1. All the more we should support the SDP. No party has been so active that it deserves being attacked online and on print media. Only SDP has.

    That shows that SDP is not a party that succumbs to PAP's rules of the game. They advocate real democracy and not wayang democracy. All other parties are just lame and useless.

  2. Pertaining to your last paragraph about Sdp being attacked and then being sensitive towards it and such, I think you're not following the PAP's rules of law whis cordone and curb ones freedom of expression as guaranteed in our constituition..

  3. Hey are you sure u got banned?

    I just checked the ban list and its clean with no names on it.

    Based on ur repeated attempts on trying to create mountains out of atomic bumps, or sometimes even from nothingness at all, on this blog, I've a strong mind to believe that u removed urself from the group just to stir more shit from nothing as usual.

  4. Why are you censoring Jarrod's reply to your discussion in this blog write-up?

    He replied well to your insinuations and its a poor journalistic practice to omit such information to spin things in the way you want(in this against in your favour).

    I don't think they have any reason to ban you as well because their counter-arguments to yours are well crafted and they are holding up well against you.

  5. Cheap stunt by u and your internet brigade aka PAP paid doggy..hahakz

  6. It is obvious from the name of your blog that you are out to get the SDP. No wonder you put out such crap. Your readership must be pathetic for you to have to put up this posting to sensationalise it. Cheap Shot!

  7. Freedom of speech has never existed in any country.

  8. What a load of rubbish. You are just trying to stir up trouble by accusing them of banning you when they most definitely havent. I have personally seen the list and it is clean. YOU sir, are a despicable liar and a threat to anyone who upholds truth and justice. Shame on you.


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