Monday, October 5, 2009

Opportunistic SDP exploiting closure of wet markets

SDP showed off its opportunistic side when it objected to the closure of wet markets.

SDP stated its objective: "The SDP will take the case to Singaporeans especially the residents at the Bukit Panjang constituency where we contested in the last general elections." & "We will ask the residents to oppose the sale of the wet market at Fajar Road".

Isn't it ironic that when SDP economic policies are to encourage local companies to blossom with the elimination of GLCs, SDP is fighting against the expansion of local company Sheng Shiong?

Would it be wise for the SDP to capitalise on this issue and turn it into a political equation? It's your take.


  1. This blog is run by members and affiliates of the Worker's Party.

  2. there are some loudhailers in sdp who dare not even commit themselves as "members". they shamelessly put themselves as "activists" or even "partyless".
    if they boast themselves so much, why would they resort into such illusive tactic?


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