Friday, October 2, 2009

Young Democrats lift ban on Corns upon reading NOTMYSDP

cheers! Young SDP lifted ban after reading our blog! hurray yay :)

Allow me to now expose the "behind-the-scenes" actions by the SDP youths.

At 11:22pm, Young SDP Honorary Sec. Jarrod Luo started responding to a question Corns posed earlier on to Muhd Khalis Rifhan.

At 12:04am, an Anonymous reader posted a comment saying that he/she "just checked the ban list and its clean with no names on it". --> Must be an administrator of the facebook page.

At 12.11am, the Anonymous struck again, asking why we censored Jarrod's reply. Note: Jarrod replied at 11:22pm.

At 12:21am, Jarrod Luo told Corns that her links have been cleared (???) by the admin. He said they 'look forward to engaging with more opinionated individuals like you (Corns)'.

How hypocritical

Let's relook at who's the Admins for the facebook page.
  • Priveen Suraj (President of Young Democrats)
  • Jufri Salim (Vice-President of Young Democrats)
  • Jarrod Luo (Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats)
  • Muhd Khalis Rifhan
At the point of time of incident, Jarrod Luo's online. Could Jarrod Luo be the Anonymous poster? And after reading our complaints that Corns got banned, Jarrod then quickly went to lift the ban on Corns?

This mystery will only reflect the SDP's integrity. Did the youths learn from their SDP leaders?


  1. eh please lah you FB noob isit?

    any tom, dick or kuan ye... err i mean harry also can check the ban list la dey.

    Click members and u can see all sorts of things, don't say neber teach u ok

    Haiz, want to stir shit also stir until so no class, buay tahan. Still tot u got what solid juicy things to say.

  2. cheez... can't believe sdp is like that! what more ugly stories they have?

  3. This blog is run by members and affiliates of the Worker's Party.

  4. Sorry I'm actually a clone posting by the person who wrote the blog entry itself.


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