Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Siew Kum Hong is not a SDP Mole

Top 5 reasons why Mr Siew Kum Hong is not a SDP Mole?

  1. Siew Kum Hong is a Nominated MP. SDP is a critic of the NMP system
  2. Siew Kum Hong is representing the people by providing an alternative view in Parliament. SDP is representing itself outside Parliament.
  3. Siew Kum Hong is a lawyer, conforms to legal norms. SDP has many lawyer members but actively breach the law.
  4. Siew Kum Hong is seeking a second term as a NMP to be in parliament. SDP participates in elections because it has no choice.
  5. Siew Kum Hong offers practical ideas while SDP is bias and offers ideas that benefit itself.

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