Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not My SDP FaceBook Group

Welcome all patriotic Singaporeans to join the Not My SDP FaceBook Group at



  1. To be a 'patriot' is to be either supportive of the one-thought rule of singapore or being open to various perspectives. I don't see how being a 'patriot' is being 'not my sdp' when the SDP is an alternative point of view, or, serves as a check on the party in power. Perhaps if you took issue with their basic manifesto, then you could make a clearer case for being 'notmysdp'.

    From what i understand, they are supportive of alternative streams of thought, or political pluralism, and the PAP isn't. And their promotion of themselves as being compassionate, representative of the woes of many singaporeans is not entirely baseless is it? Surely you wouldn't say that that is 'unpatriotic'?

    I am not entirely pro-sdp myself. But i cannot but recognise its value as an alternative stream of thought. The most important point here is in its being an 'alternative'. And along these lines, i too support the existence of this site as being an alternative to theirs.

    On another note, this is the first time i've come across a non-PAP, opposition-to-the-opposition site (specifically, the SDP). Most interesting. I'll certainly be back to hear your alternative views. Thank you for that.


  2. To be a partiot is not to be supportive of any political party, so get that right first.

  3. To be a 'patriot' is to hope for the best for the nation whilst putting one's 'hope' into action and getting involved politically and considering the viability of all ideas from an empathetic and egalitarian vantage.



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