Thursday, May 21, 2009

SDP says Anonymity in Cyber Space is Good

Italics are phrases/sentences copied from SDP's article...

"Challenge the accuser to produce the evidence to back up his or her claims, and even offer to reproduce them on your blog."

This just means NotMySdp is not accusing SDP in our blog and that all our articles give accurate information such that SDP is not countering our claims.

"By going to the police, however, we send the signal that we want the identity of the perpetrator revealed so that action can be taken. Get the police involved and we destroy the promise that the Internet offers."

Yes. It is such irresponsible actions taken that result in sexual predators stalking young girls online and getting away with it. The police should get involved and weed out all these bad crooks.

"there will always be attacks against our persons and reputations. Get used to it."

Talk about integrity. Can you allow others to smear our integrity. I say no. I don't know about our readers, but there is a limit to the accusations that others can do to you. Get too personal and that's it. Safeguarding your integrity is important. Only people who have no self-respect and no integrity would allow people to keep accusing oneself.

"But good leaders should not seek to take action, even though we can, against those who speak ill of us. However venomous and hurtful the words may be, we should rise above the attacks and seek dialogue and debate with our opponents."

SDP is being too idealistic. How do you seek dialogue and debate with your opponents when they are basically launching personal attacks on you. Just look at how SDP supporters create YouTube videos that directly attack Singapore leaders. Do not do unto others what you don't want them to do unto you!

"[SDP] use this website [] to expose these lies with reasoned confrontation and in so doing show up the silliness and emptiness of such people."

I guess SDP worded the article wrongly. Let me rephrase on its behalf: SDP uses to show up the silliness and emptiness of its people. With bias reporting and no practical solutions to every issues qualify SDP to be rated as a irrelevant party.

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