Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another 2 Activists Tak Boleh Tahan and Surrender

TBT Traitor 4: Chia Ti Lik

I read the papers in disbelief. One of the staunchest of the SDP members, Chia Ti Lik surrendered in court and pleaded guilty to "illegal assembly and procession" in front of Parliament House last year.

The reason cited for pleading guilty was "work commitment", a similar reason also cited by Traitor 2: Jeffrey George. This shows that they rather defend their rice bowls than their ideology.

TBT Traitor 5: Suraya binte Akbar

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  1. Frankly, i wouldn't bother to be active in political protests. The country's chinese population are well-trained to follow and not question. Quite pointless appealing to their sense of reason when they have learnt to locate it in the government.

    I don't understand you. If they protest, you criticise. If they surrender, you criticise. Underlying all of this is the absence of popular support by the chinese which leads the opposition to think about their 'rice bowls' as you call it. Talking about that, if that is a terrible thing, than what do you have to say about the government giving themselves platinum-clad 'rice bowls'?

  2. Protests are justified when they cover erious topics such as world trade, poverty, climate change, not idealistic topics such as democracy


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