Monday, May 18, 2009

SDP twisting facts of "Singapore's involvement in capturing Mas Selamat"

I refer to SDP's article "Wong gets worse". I hope this is the lowest that SDP can stoop because the facts were horribly twisted.

In the article, SDP claimed that:
He was reported in the Straits Times as saying that it was the "strong co-operation" between the police intelligence agencies on both sides of the Causeway that led to the apprehension of Mr Mas Selamat in Johor last week.

But the Malaysian side refuted such a claim, saying that "the operation to trace and capture Mas Selamat was carried out fully by the Malaysian police."
Usually, SDP copies news articles and posts it on their articles to allow readers to go through them. This time round, SDP did not do it. And there's a reason behind it. SDP is attempting to generate readership and controversy by making a false allegation.

Let's take a look at what The Straits Times and Bernama really reported:

Straits Times: "He (Wong) added that the arrest is the result of the strong co-operation between security agencies on both sides."

Bernama: "Although we did exchange intelligence, the operation to trace and capture Mas Selamat was carried out fully by the Malaysian police."

Both newspapers concurred that there was indeed cooperation and nothing else. So is SDP trying to cook up a story by dropping the phrase in Bernama that says "although we did exchange intelligence"?

What has SDP done throughout the whole Mas Selamat saga? Nothing!

And now that SDP chose once and again to side with foreigners, this time round Malaysians, it is yet another display of betrayal to the Singapore people.

SDP, why don't you be renamed as MDP and start blogging in Malaysia. You will most probably be able to win a seat there instead!

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