Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Singapore Democratic Party Exposed 1

To date, Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats, Jarrod Luo hasn't responded to our email.

To allow Singaporeans to understand the Singapore Democratic Party, we will now launch the SINGAPORE DEMOCRATIC PARTY EXPOSED SERIES.

The information are shared by ex-SDP members who have been alienated by the party, as well as those who have left the party after knowing what the party stands for.

We have always maintained our posture and objective of exposing the myth of the SDP. And now we present you the reality.

REALITY: Young Democrats has only 5 members

President: Priveen Suraj
Vice-President: Jufri Salim
Honorary Secretary: Jarrod Luo
Program Director: Khalis
Member: Shamin

Of the 5, only Jarrod Luo is a University Graduate. The only work he has done since is MLM (which he calls a business).

REALITY: Seelan Palay is not a SDP member

Seelan is not a YD or SDP member. But he helps out alot with their activities. He runs some campaigns(anti-death penalty, myanmar protest etc) in his own capacity but his work is often interwined with SDP's. It is not that he does not want to be a SDP member but John Tan (Asst Secretary General, SDP) thought he could help the party better by being a non-partisan member instead of a full-fledged SDP member. This is to make it appear like as if non-political sections of Singapore support SDP.

REALITY: No Internal Elections held to contest Party Leadership since Chiam's departure

There has also been no internal elections to contest the party leadership since Mr Chiam See Tong left the party. John Tan only joined the party in 2007, yet he was quickly made the Assistant Secretary General by Dr Chee Soon Juan. Again, no elections, no contests. Other members were not even consulted on the issue.

REALITY: Dr Chee Soon Juan is no Democrat

Dr Chee Soon Juan designates positions as he likes. There is no mechanism within the party to remove him from his position.

Dr Chee Soon Juan also has full control over income earned through the newsletter. Some of the funds are believed to be used for his own personal use [sentiments from ex-SDP members].

REALITY: The True Purpose for selling newspapers

SDP tries to recruit new members through their newspaper selling walks but this method has never been very successful. When they are out and about selling their newspapers, they also sell Dr Chee's books at the same time. Dr Chee's book sales are unaccounted for in the party records as it is his personal business. This is one way how Chee uses his party members for his own personal gain.

Most of SDP's present recruits have come through the various seminars and public forums that SDP conducts. It is during this forums that they try to get members of the public interested in their party.

Wait a Minute!
How do we know if you are telling the truth?

We have reliable sources. We offer the Singapore Democratic Party the right of reply to whichever points it feels are not accurate.
Members of SDP can email to perplexperspective@hotmail.com OR
post your comments at the blog itself

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  1. You should ask yourself how many of your criticisms may be levelled at the PAP. Or do you think that it is they who hold the monopoly on traits which you disparage others for?

    Anyway, I don't see how singapore is 'beloved'. Any country is 'beloved' for its potentials in terms of its ability to be more humane and empathetic. Everything else is secondary. Ask yourself how this is the case when it comes to singapore mate.

    As for Seelan being a non-partisan partisan member, that has been obvious for quite a while. But that doesn't matter as many are non-partisan partisan supporters and member of the pap since they are willing to know no better for want of the discomfort of a comforting and familiar security....such as yourself that is.



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