Friday, November 13, 2009

SDP - a Party for Foreigners

Dr Chee Soon Juan slammed SPH for publishing the government's response to Robert Amsterdam's article.

Dr Chee Soon Juan was also interviewed by a foreign radio station.

Dr Chee Soon Juan never misses an opportunity to capitalise on foreign platforms to voice out his flawed ideologies.

And he's not the only one in the SDP to be pro-foreigner. Just think of Seelan Palay, who did a hunger strike for the Hindus, not in Singapore, but in Malaysia, following the detention of the HINDRAF activists. SDP also held vigils for Burmese and I would have thought they pray to Mother Aung San Su Kyi.

What kind of political leader would ask foreign businesses not to come into the country? Dr Chee Soon Juan! As irritating as a fly pestering you on a hot sunny day, Dr Chee Soon Juan appealed to foreign governments and businesses not to deal with Singapore, claiming that they should not support the not-so-democratic Singapore.

AND YET... Dr Chee Soon Juan and Singapore Democratic Party are scolding the PAP for not helping the people enough during the economic recession (think Tak Boleh Tahan campaign, that saw SDP members Tak Boleh Tahan and giving up on continuing the campaign). Now how does SDP reconcile the fact that Singapore needs foreign businesses here to help build the economy so that locals get job? Nah, they're more interested in foreigners.

Of course, Mrs Chee is an exotic Taiwanese. Jarrod Luo, Honorary Secretary of Young Democrats, got his degree from Australia and frequent Macau and Hong Kong for his online gambling business. Chee Siok Chin so wants to go overseas to attend class.

SDP could prosper if it wasn't a political party. Perhaps it should consider opening a travel agency or offer espionage services.


  1. Constance, I have a hypothesis and it goes this way:

    Denounce the country -> Influence foreign leaders -> Trade reduced -> Economy sinks -> More jobless -> Disgruntlement increases -> Uprising to overthrow govt -> CSJ becomes Gandhi of Singapore

    Have you an alternative hypothesis what he has in mind? Or is he just grasping at wilted straws?

    PS. you made a rather grievous faux pas in the article -- as it is, CSJ would not qualify as a "political leader". A political PARTY leader maybe, but certainly his recurrent actions and words are such that society perceives him as a sore-loser who uses his (wasted) talents to pursue a vindictive agenda. I really think his good mind could have been (or rather, could be) put to greater contribution to society. I hope it changes as he mellows down.

  2. If nations are interdependent on 'foreign support' for local economy, why can that not be applicable on the political front? And talking about 'foreigners', unless you are a Malay, weren't your ancestors 'foreigners' as well. Why the double standard.

    You can claim not to be 'pro-govt', but if your critique is one-sided, then aren't you, like Seelan is in relation to the SDP, being a non-partisan supporter of the PAP and the status quo?

  3. could u write about the recent SDP involvement in some meeting in egypt. they sent jasyln aka lamei and john tan. the former has proclaimed that she's partyless. then what's the logic to send her as a repreentative?
    another important question:

    WHO FUNDED OR SPONSOR FOR THIS TRIP? from donations or from a foreigner entity that's rumoured to be backing SDP to bring down sgp?


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