Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NotMySDP writes to Jarrod Luo for explanation

NOTMYSDP wrote to Jarrod Luo demanding an explanation on his involvement in vice activities.

We await Jarrod Luo's response, failing which we will send in a public letter to Dr Chee Soon Juan.

The Singapore Democratic Party needs to be more transparent. We have not heard of how the SDP uses its funds collected through its website.
Hi Jarrod Luo (jarrod@yoursdp.org),

Several forumers have pointed out your involvement with Sunshine Empire, the owners of which are now undergoing trial for the Ponzi scheme.

I have also found evidence of your involvement with an online gambling site.

For the benefit of the residents of Bishan-Toa Payoh and Bukit Panjang, please disclose your involvement in the above-mentioned vice activities. Singapore Democratic Party has always asked the PAP government to be transparent. We as citizens will want to know the facts.

Thank you.

Corns Tan,
on behalf of NOTMYSDP

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  1. You people, whether on the side of the PAP or SDP or ETC, are all the same aren't you. Everyone just wants to carry on shouting out their viewpoint without anyone considering or confronting oppositional viewpoints unless it spews forth from a a prominent person or organisation. In that, all of you are victims of a fascist mindset that exhibits a gross lack of faith in anyone but those at the top. All a part of the problem - and they call themselves 'democrats' at the same time. Silly state of affairs you singaporans have gotten yourselves into.

    I wouldn't hold my breath when it comes to getting replies from the 'opposition' though. Considering that your posts rarely, if ever, have any comments from them, they are behaving exactly as the PAP. Unfortunate. If i was in the opposition, i would certainly consider and take you on on your perspectives. But that is because i believe in the significance of the individual despite their not being a 'star' in their eyes.



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