Monday, September 28, 2009

SDP sells party newspapers instead of doing grassroots work

In yet another publicity stint, the SDP has started selling its party newspapers to people. Just when the Government is setting out to integrate new citizens here, the SDP is fighting back by attempting to split Singaporean society. The latest issue of SDP's newspapers is on the foreigners and locals paradigm.

Just less than a year ago, the SDP launched the Tak Boleh Tahan campaign, setting up booths to increase the grievances of locals in view of the economic recession. The campaign, which initiated with a great start, has now gone into silence. The fight for the commoners has now ceased.

Instead, SDP now "visited Tampines, Bedok and Geylang Serai during the Hari Raya period as well as the Central Business District during lunch time to sell the newspaper." The importance of raising funds for the party is now more important than fighting for the people.

It is now evident that SDP is eyeing the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, since it has been doing its rounds there (whenever it does). One wonders how SDP is going to win, when it is out of touch of the constituents and is not doing anything practical and concrete for the residents of Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

The SDP reported an interview with an Auntie that has difficulties in finding a job and who is maintaining "high expenses". The interview was laden with complaints. But Guess WHAT? The SDP just took away her money by selling her its party newspapers.


  1. Selling a newspaper that cost 2 dollars to an individual is that much. Selling newspapers would also be included doing groundwork to raise awareness. You espouse some kind of warped mentality.

  2. Correction:

    "Selling a newspaper that cost 2 dollars to an individual is NOT that much."

  3. Raise awarness my foot

  4. SDP sell their newspaper at $2 with little or no profit (if you take into account the manpower needed to sell their party papers) you complain so much. Bloody PAP cheated you of millions in their salaries and billions of your money lost in their investment and you are ok with that?

    How to believe this is not a pro-paps blog?


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