Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SDP took 3 years to start publishing newsletter

SDP proudly announced that it will start selling its newsletter to "help the party raise funds" after SDP stopped selling 3 years back.

It sure took SDP a very very very long time to prepare for its party papers. 3 years!

Could you imagine if SDP forms the government one day?

When that day comes, the headline will go "10 years wait for rental flats".


  1. These are 2 different circumstances.

    In the latter, there is a discernible demand. In the former, there isn't. Any wonder why they might have stopped selling their newsletter for 3 years?

  2. The point is this is a laughing stock of a political party. All other oppositions in any country across the world have made progress and received strong support internationally (Zimbabwe, Eastern Europe, Burma, Central America) except this pitful opposition--who was strong once but floundered.


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