Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where was SDP reading about AVA?

Extracted from Channel NewsAsia website:
"Q10. Why didn’t AVA detect the presence of melamine in the affected products earlier?

Melamine is not allowed to be used in food. The unusual use of the melamine chemical, which was deliberately added to adulterate milk to give a false impression of its protein content, led to the recent melamine contamination incidents of milk in China. Under normal circumstances, melamine would not be a hazard associated with milk and not routinely tested in food safety screening by authorities worldwide."

SDP needs to complain objectively, not obscure the facts when they are already present. SDP website stated the following:
Are we to understand that these contaminated products were earlier allowed in despite testing at AVA? Was someone asleep at the switch? If not, how did these items reach the supermarket shelves?
Given such unfair remarks, would anyone in AVA even vote for SDP?

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