Monday, September 8, 2008

Law Faculty Made Good Decision in rejecting SDP visit

SDP wrote a letter to Law Faculty requesting for permission to visit the school and distribute flyers. However, the Law Faculty rejected its request. So, SDP wrote a letter to the Law Faculty. The segments of the letters would be in quote below, as we discuss about this issue.

"I am sure you are able to appreciate the fact that we are not a company or group promoting a product or service for private gain."
It's rightful that a school shouldn't just allow a group to come in to the campus to freely promote books and shirts (like below) together with "democracy" ideals. Only charitable organisations should be given free booths to promote their causes.

"I (Dr Chee) would like to ask if you had consulted the Law Faculty students before you turned down our request to distribute flyers to them. Did the students have a say in your decision?"
If every decision needs to be consulted with the students, maybe the school management would be out of work and students would be conducting referendums everyday. Then... how could we be rank top in the World.

"I ask this because when we were at the campus, students took and read our flyers with great interest. It seems that they want to know more but are prevented from doing so by the university's administration."
I'm sure if a friendly flyer distributor gives out flyers promoting products with Promotional discounts, all the students would take it and read it "with great interest".

"Since our request has been turned down, we would like to make an alternative proposal, that is, to come down to campus and conduct talks and seminars with your students."
Why is it that after the Hong Lim Park is more liberalised, SDP is not utilising it. Anyway, the talks should serve academic purpose. And I thought such talks are usually invited by the schools and not the other way round?

Should SDP publish ALL letters openly? Doing so without permission is a rude behaviour. Is this a message telling us that SDP does not respect privacy?

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  1. Old Uncle's FriendSeptember 9, 2008 at 10:02 PM

    Gopalan Nair,
    I say - after you have been fined and perhaps jailed, go back to your beloved America. Go knock on the door of a Police car, then go shout at them and abuse them. Then resist arrest. See you go get away with just a mere fine. Go write insulting emails to American judges - there's no lack of issues there either (such as the plight of the Native Indians, "illegal combatants" detained without trial in Cuba)- and see how long it takes for the Police to arrest you. While under arrest, remember not to talk too much ya - there you have the right to remind silent. Sometimes, silence is golden.


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