Monday, September 8, 2008

A Question Unanswered : Dr Chee's misuse of research funds

If we could term a political party as a hero, then SDP would certainly want to claim the title. It seeks to expose all the dirty laundry of the ruling party and other institutions.


There is one question that is not unanswered. That is, what actually happen when Dr Chee was charged for misusing of research funds?

In his books, he is quick to distract readers' thoughts by pointing that the amount was a mere sum of money. It seems that the quietness over this issue meant a silent admission to committing the act/crime.

With Taiwan's ex-President Chen Shui Bian embroiled in corruption scandals, it is hard to imagine the day when Dr Chee becomes PM (if ever).

Dr Chee should be open in this issue and honestly expose what actually happen. This would be to the betterment of the party.

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  1. old uncle's friendSeptember 8, 2008 at 8:30 PM

    The SDP made a huge fuss of the NKF scandal and tried hard to make the scandal an election issue. The SDP also labels the Straits Times as government controlled. And the SDP loathes Davinder Singh.
    Who exposed the NKF scandal and who defended the ST and made TT Durai bow in court? Yet that time the SDP bought the ST's story. The SDP also believes and loves anything from the foreign media that criticizes Singapore, yet chooses to ignore anything positive. Is the SDP inconsistent? I think not - the SDP believes anyone who criticizes Singapore - even the ST!


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