Friday, September 12, 2008

SDP trespasses NUS to distribute flyers

Would you be worried if unauthorised personnels trespassed into your school?

I sure would, and I believe you would too. Singapore Democratic Party members did just that. Without informing NUS about its visit, SDP members trespassed the school compound and started distributing flyers to students.

Recently, there had been cases of outrage of modesty of NUS Students within the school compound. NUS students should call Campus Security at 6874 1616 when they spot such unauthorised personnels.

Today, we shall analyse and desensationalise the SDP's article "NUS officials stop Democrats from distributing flyers".
"We have to protect the interests of our students," the official said.

"From what?" Dr Chee asked. "Are you running a university or a kindergarten?"
It is typical of Dr Chee to intimidate authorities. It is perhaps due to the fact that PAP Ministers frequently intimidate him politically. OR that he's trying to show what he's got.
A staff member walking by could not resist taking a dig at the officers: "Great job, guys. Thanks so much from keeping us safe!" Messrs Ng and Peck could only smile sheepishly.
It seems strange that a NUS staff would actually pass such sarcastic remarks to his/her own colleagues (both Directors). It is more likely that the "staff member" is some SDP member cloaking as a NUS staff, since it's easy to purchase a NUS windbreaker from the NUS Coop Bookshop.
Just then several students wanted to take a picture with Dr Chee. A few asked for autographs.

Turning to Mr Ng, Dr Chee said: "The students don't look like they want your protection."
Firstly, it's quite a rare occasion to see someone who frequents the courtroom and the prison in campus. Secondly, by supporting the students to go against school authorities, Dr Chee is sending out an incorrect message. Besides, publicly embarrassing people does not make good PR. You just lost some votes. Trust me, one day the students will turn against you too.
"I have been to Japan many times," one first-year Engineering student said, "and I've never seen seventy- and eighty-year-olds sweeping the floor and cleaning tables like in Singapore. It's so sad." He added that the University seems to be mass producing graduate robots.
The National University of Singapore (NUS) has been ranked amongst the World's Top 20 and Top 3 universities in Asia in the QS World University Rankings 2006 conducted by the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES). In this annual ranking of the top 200 universities worldwide, NUS shared 2nd place in Asia and 19th spot overall with University of Tokyo.^
A journalism major indicated that she "will never join the Straits Times" after she graduated. She probably learned a thing or two in school that didn't quite square with the nonsense that was practiced in the state newspaper.
While it's true that the media might be a bit bias towards the government, it's not easy to become a ST journalists as well. It's for SPH to choose anyway. SDP conveniently proclaimed that this student PROBABLY ... Sensationalisation spotted.
"That's not hard to figure out," Dr Chee explained. "From years of authoritarian rule where students have been cowed into silence, we have bred a very unhealthy university culture. The sad part is that you are being deprived of the type of cutting edge educational experience that your counterparts in the top universities elsewhere are getting."
Again, NUS is ranked top 20. Dr Chee needs to re-enter the classrooms again to find out how Singaporean students are getting more vocal. Oops, NUS kicked him out.
Turning back to officialdom, Dr Chee said that all the SDP wanted to do was to raise political awareness among the students.
I beg to differ. The SDP is more interested in getting into the spotlight and gaining attention. By trespassing the campus compound, and challenging the school authorities, SDP tried to seize the opportunity to show that political freedom is restricted in Singapore. However, the school authorities had the students' interests in mind and the whole issue is not about political censorship.
"It's also about developing one's intellectual and moral character... "
I wouldn't dare to say moral character if I misused official funds, like what Taiwan ex-President Chen Shui Bian (and someone in Singapore) did.
Dr Chee then asked some of the students to take the lead and organise themselves to raise political and social awareness on campus.
It is a ploy to raise awareness of SDP instead.

No More Untruths from SDP!


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