Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SDP Lacks MasterplanS

It's hilarious to see how SDP got so caught up with a statement by Foreign Minister BG(NS) George Yeo.
"Mr Yeo, who is an MP for Aljunied GRC which includes Serangoon Gardens, said a masterplan was needed to give “some idea of how many foreigners we can accommodate in a sustainable, organic way”, he said."
What the SDP immediately pointed out is:
"You mean that all this time the Government didn't have a plan or "some idea" of how many foreign workers this island can hold?"
As usual, from here we can see how SDP always twist facts. Mr Yeo said that a masterplan was needed to find out how many foreigners can accomodate in a sustainable, organic way. This meant that there could be a masterplan to find out how many of them can enter the island, but no masterplan yet for them to accomodate in a sustainable and organic fashion.

Yet, the SDP was quick to say:
"Shouldn't someone tell the PAP that masterplans come before actions?"
The government already had masterplans... if not how did they bring in foreigners (action)?

Furthermore, from this incident, we can see how SDP loves to gloat over matters.
"Well, thank you very much. Haven't we been pointing out this problem for years? In Aug 06, the SDP warned that "the social impact of the foreign recruitment policy may yet prove disastrous for Singaporeans." (see here) Now it seems that the chickens are coming home to roost."
Even an Aunty from the wet market can tell you that "the social impact of the foreign recruitment policy may bring inconvenience to Singaporeans. We don't need a politician to do that.

Here is where SDP falls short. Given the current situation, what actions would SDP take to accomodate the foreign labour workforce? What policy would SDP formulate if it were the government of the day? That is what Singaporeans need!

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