Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SDP wants Singaporeans to seek inspiration from Malaysia regarding ISA

Quotes below are extracts from Lawyers demand repeal of ISA.
But what is even more tragic is that while the Malaysian lawyers are honouring their duty to be the guardians of justice, the Law Society of Singapore (LSS) is dead silent on this matter even though its stated mission is to "protect and assist the public in all matters relating to law."

This was not always the case. Mr Francis Seow, former president of the Society, was a strong advocate for the people's rights. In 1987, he had objected to a proposed bill that allowed the Government to control foreign newspapers.
"Seow had, before the elections, been arrested and detained under the Internal Security Act for allegedly acting as a stooge of the Americans in their attempt to promote democracy in Singapore."^
When one of its members Mr Chia Ti Lik wrote to the Society on behalf of himself and 17 other activists who were charged with taking part in the Tak Boleh Tahan protest outside Parliament House earlier this year, its president, Mr Michael Hwang, said that the organisation had "no views" on the matter.

... We can only look forward to the day our Singaporean lawyers would be courageous enough to do what they swore to uphold, that is, to defend the cause of justice without fear or favor.
There's no wrong in "no views" by the Law Society President. Protesting is against the law. Protesting outside a heavily guarded premise makes it even worse. The activists were charged accordingly, so how could the Law Society have alternate views to the matter?

Lawyers demand repeal of ISA
^ Worker's Party History

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  1. SDP Chia Ti Lik a clownSeptember 26, 2008 at 11:10 PM

    It is precisely because Singaporean lawyers were "doing what they swore to uphold, that is, to defend the cause of justice without fear or favor" that they refuse to support SDP. If they stop everyone except the SDP from getting away with the law, then I worry for Singapore lawyers.


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