Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SDP advocates Civil Disobedience at Home

SDP reported that "Even Al Gore advocates civil disobedience".

This is what Al Gore said:
"If you're a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not done, I believe we have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration."
By interpreting the "civil disobedience" used by Al Gore in a political slant would be to miss out the whole picture of what he actually means. By just extracting the words and not the essence of his speech, SDP again attempts to justify itself.

Well, if we were to do the same to SDP, then we can safely say that SDP advocates Civil Disobedience at Home (and anywhere else)!


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  1. Disgusting acts of the pro-SDP Wayangparty.wordpress.com

    Ng E-Jay of Sgpolitics a.k.a. Fang Zhi Yuan (his "disguise" as Wayangparty editor) wrote the open letter to WP Low Thia Kiang:

    We refer to the comments allegedly made by you during an interview with TODAY on 1 October 2008.

    You are quoted as saying the following words:

    “So, Mr Jeyaretnam is no armchair critic, even though he doesn’t know very much about the Internet or political discourse with the Internet. He put his words into action.”

    We may be wrong and we hope you can clarify what you meant exactly. Are you implying through the use of Mr Jeyaretnam as an example that the converse is true: that arm-chair critics are those who engage in political discourse with the internet without putting their words into actions ?

    What are your views on the growing importance of the alternative media in politics and do you have any plans to utilize it ?

    Prominent social activist Emmeline Pankhurst once said: “We are here, not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers“. In a similar fashion, some of the arm-chair critics of today may become the lawmakers of tomorrow.

    In today’s conservative political landscape where university students are refused permission to meet an opposition politican on their school campus, how many Singaporeans are genuinely aware or concerned about politics ?

    We should be glad that there are at least still a minority of Singaporeans present in cyberspace who are not afraid of voice out their opinions. With the oppressive measures in place to curb civil liberties, this is perhaps the only form of political activism permitted to exist and even flourish.

    The recent 12th Malaysian General Elections held in March this year was lauded by many pundits as an election “made by the internet” in recognition of the immense contributions made by the same arm-chair critics which the PAP is so dismissal of - bloggers, civil activists and ordinary citizens who together created a “political tsunami” which almost capsized the Barisan Nasional titanic.

    Bloggers such as Jeff Ooi, Tony Pua and Hannah Yeo, who have been fierce critics of the government in cyberspace joined the political fray and became elected as MPs at their first attempt.

    Influential bloggers such as Raja Petra, Haris Ibrahim, Rocky Bru and Anil Netto wrote scathing commentaries to counter the Barisan’s mainstream propaganda, exposing scandals and cover-ups in the government and lampooning the flaws in the administration.

    The articles written by these arm-chair critics were spread throughout cyberspace by other bloggers who compiled them into CDs and pass it back to the old folks in the Kampungs. That’s why the Chinese-based DAP is able to win seats in the rural states and the Islamic PAS going against all odds to triumph in mixed constituencies.

    The importance of engaging voters in cyberspace is not lost on politicians who flocked to embrace the new technology which includes not only young IT-savvy politicians but old war horses like ex-Premier Mahathir Mohamad, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and now Najib Razak.

    Across the world, we see both candidates in the U.S. Presidential elections, Barack Obama and John McCain raising a significant portion of their electoral funds from their websites. The British opposition leader David Cameron had a blog and facebook account to keep in touch with his constituents. Even in communist China, the populist Premier Wen Jia Bao made his presence in China’s voracious blogosphere felt with a simple facebook.

    We sincerely urge you not to underestimate the role of bloggers, cyber-dissidents and arm-chair critics. As by products of a rising anti-establishment trend in cyberspace, we do not like to be talked down to and lectured, what more to be dismissed so emphatically by those in powers as being irrelevant and irritating pests.

    Your honorable Sir, will do well to start engaging Singaporeans in cyberspace and share with us your thoughts, ideas and aspirations and we are pretty sure the Workers’ Party will have no problems finding a large ready pool of volunteers in the next General Election.

    If Malaysia’s 68 year old Mr Lim Kit Siang, the MP of Ipoh Timor which is a hundred times bigger than Hougang, can spare the time to update his blog 3 to 5 times daily, we are sure Mr Low, you can do much more to enhance your visibility amongst ordinary Singaporeans in cyberspace.


    My reply:

    It is disgusting that in the last few days of JBJ's death, Ng E-Jay and his compatriot Chia Ti Lik carried out their anti-WP propaganda on Wayangparty blog by capitalizing on JBJ. Now is not the time to do this. I urge them to show some respect for the dead.

    It is also very rude to amend the contents of a letter that you send to people. Due to this he has the right not to reply yet forseeing this they taunt him with words "we doubt we will ever receive a reply from him."

    Chia Ti Lik is a former WP who left the party on bitter grounds because people like Yaw Shin Long and Perry Tong were promoted above him. He should know that Mr Low knows how to use the email yet pass comments like "Hmm…does Mr Low knows how to use the email in the first place?"

    They keep talking about Low and Lim Kit Siang. But comparison should be made between secretary generals and secretary generals. Does Lim Eng Guan, DAP secretary general, have his blog? Does even their own beloved SDP leader Chee Soon Juan have his blog?

    WP have more bloggers than SDP such as Yaw Shin Long and Perry Tong. Is Ng/Fang pretending to ignore?

    Talking about Facebook. WP is also in Facebook. Again is Ng/Fang pretending to ignore?



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