Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SDP exaggerates the Success of its Propaganda

This is in response to One Nation Under Lee seizure to be raised at UN meeting.

Take a first reading of the article by SDP and one would be impressed by the SDP's success in bringing the matter of Human Rights in Singapore to the United Nations. Don't be too impressed yet.
"The seizure of the video One Nation Under Lee by the Government will be raised in Geneva this Friday, 12 Sep 08, during the 9th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council."
The article's introduction paragraph was impressive. Immediately, Singaporeans would feel shocked/surprised/caught in awe/WOWed. However, let's analyse the situation a little.

An Human Rights regional-based organisation, Forum-Asia, would be citing the case of the seizure when presenting to the UN Council. Many Singaporeans might not have heard about this Forum-Asia. It actually consists of 42 member-organisations (largely NGOs) from 16 Asian countries. Think Centre represents Singapore in the organisation.

This is Forum-ASIA. But its head office is situated in Switzerland, with a branch in Thailand.

Readers should not be play to the sensationalised contents of the article by the SDP. It's important to note that Forum-Asia's views does not represent those of any countries in the region.

Next, the video would be showcased at the Freedom Film Fest 2008. The event is organised by Komas. According to its website, its vision is:
"Empowerment with the poor and marginalized community towards the attainment of human rights in Malaysia, through popular communication approaches."
So what's that got to do with a propaganda film by the SDP?

One way we can look at it is that SDP is resorting to all means possible to undermine the PAP government from outside Singapore. However, by doing so, it risks damaging the reputation of the country and its people.

Anwar did it by garnering support from his believers. Thai PAD did it by gathering enough protesters to put pressure on the government.

SDP did it by assistance from outside Singapore

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  1. Old Uncle's FriendSeptember 12, 2008 at 12:27 AM

    SDP calls for outside intervention at every chance. It says the government has allowed too many foreign workers into Singapore, yet it sides with Burmese who protested here. As always, the SDP changes its values at will, so long as it goes against the government, so long as it puts Singapore in a bad light. As always, it only reports news it likes. Go look at the youtube videos SDP uploaded. How many people ignore and steer away? Its that reported? SDP has masterful spin doctors. The article sounds as if UN supports the SDP - it is merely that a human rights group is raising the issue. This is such a minor issue in the greater scheme of human rights in the world.


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