Wednesday, February 2, 2011

YD Member draws inspiration from autocratic Sukarno

One wonders if the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) even screens its young members or orientates them properly.

Muhd Shamin, a member of the Young Democrat (YD) - the youth wing of the SDP - recently wrote an article on the SDP's party website, invoking the wisdom of former Indonesian President Sukarno:

"“100 orang hanya bermimpi, tetapi berikanlah aku 10 pemuda maka akan kuguncang dunia!” (100 people only dream of, but give me 10 young people, and I will shake the world!)"

Didn't he know that President Sukarno used guided democracy to impose autocratic rule on Indonesians?

I wonder if Muhd Shamin is trying to imply that a democratic system doesn't require winning support of the masses, but just the support of a few.

SDP has always been a small fledgling party and in GE2006, it was regarded as the least significant political party in Singapore. This comes as no surprise since SDP espouses liberal ideas that are influenced from their ties with foreign organisations.

In SDP's Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan's own words "I occasionally receive foreign funding".

A Muslim that drinks?

Breaking the law with camera phone?

Vote wisely.

Say no to nonsensical politics. Say no to SDP.

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