Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top 10 Questions to ask Chee at walkabouts

According to Singapore Democratic Party's (SDP) article, Chee Soon Juan met MCYS Minister Vivian Balakrishnan during a walkabout and Chee told him:

"I think there are some issues that the voters here would be concerned about, don't you think?"

and then Chee pointed out to the Minister that the issue would be the YOG.

Our team came up with these following top 10 questions you can ask Chee when you see him at walkabouts.

1) Why are you using your party machinery to raise funds for personal gain to repay your fine for an offence that you deliberately commited?

2) You and your party have very strong links with many foreign advocacy groups. Are you speaking for Singaporeans or imposing foreign ideas on us?

3) We see you and your party members selling your books. Where do the proceeds go? Do they go into your pocket?

4) In one of the past GE, you shouted at Goh Chok Tong regarding some accusations on him. Would you be doing it this time round to gain publicity?

5) What are you physically doing to help all those poor folks (pushing carts & begging) featured on your party videos? (Hey wait! Aren't those the same photos you use every time?)

6) What's your current job?

7) Heard your wife is from Taiwan. Has she gotten her citizenship? What are your views on the Government giving out so many citizenships and PRs?

8) On one hand you mentioned freedom of speech and fought so hard even to get jailed for espousing that, but on the other, your party bans your critics from posting comments on your party website and facebook. So should we believe you?

9) Will SDP survive beyond you and your sister?

10) Could you please tell me that SDP is not contesting this constituency, please?!

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