Friday, February 4, 2011

Kenneth Jeyaratnam disagrees with SDP's route

Finally, an Opposition Leader has casted doubts on the publicity tactics taken by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).

Reform Party Secretary-General Kenneth Jeyaretnam has this to say about the SDP:

"SDP has chosen another route whereby they campaign for equality and Freedoms directly. ( I hope I haven't misrepresented them -this is my understanding)...

Whatever CSJ is or isn't, and after all he's my political rival. But we can't stand by and be a country which allows a political leader to be imprisoned for an act that would be perfectly legal and even deemed necessary to the democratic process in most other countries. (Not that I am disparaging the decisions of our legal system here.)"

Kenneth Jeyaretnam is the son of the late Opposition Leader Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (or affectionately called "JBJ").

Chee Soon Juan is now soliciting for funds to help save him from a jail-term for an offence he committed. He has so far raised S$6,000.00 from Singaporeans' hard-earned money. SDP is even holding a "Kampung Night" dinner to raise funds for him.

Chee's party members also sell his books in public to raise funds for him.

Show your disapproval to this party machinery and the selfishness of Chee Soon Juan. Vote "no" to SDP!

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