Saturday, March 20, 2010

SDP Website Censors BryanT’s Letter on Lack of Progress in Opposition Cooperation

In a recent comment sent to the SDP website on an article titled “Let's get serious about alternative: Democrats to hold public discussion”, BryanT proposed that various Opposition parties exploit the coming public forum organised by SDP to collectively develop an economic plan.

As part of the comment, BryanT also provided a link to his FB note which explained out why he is making this suggestion.

Essentially, the note provided the background that since a public forum organised last year, no progress had been made on Opposition cooperation. At most, the parties have been cordial with each other in attending each other’s events, and that is only provided these are NOT SDP’s events.

BryanT proposed that the coming public forum organised by SDP could be exploited to create some momentum for greater Opposition cooperation. The benefit would be two-fold: a more robust set of alternative economic programmes, and as a consequence, greater credibility in the eyes of the electorate for the Opposition.

The SDP website moderator BLATANTLY deleted the link to the FB note. SDP probably finds objectionable the report of lack of progress in developing Opposition cooperation. It was the party that organised the public forum last year to foster cooperation in the first place.

In fact, SDP is probably the main obstacle to greater Opposition cooperation. It pursues a strategy (of deconstructive politics through illegal civil disobedience acts) that is diametric to those carried by the main Opposition parties.

That is the main reason why Opposition cooperation (not to say any semblance of unity) has failed to take off.

It should also be noted that SDP recently raised a ruckus over ST and ZB censoring its letter concerning an interview with its Sec-Gen. SDP’s censorship of BryanT’s comment reeks of HYPOCRISY. This is a political party that does not practise what it purportedly preaches.

The parallel between the censorship of its Sec-Gen's letter and BryanT's comment is ironic, but enligtening. (It should be noted that BryanT has NEVER censored any comments on his FB, so there is no further parallel, or irony)

Such acts by SDP taint the collective reputation of the Singapore Opposition. There is no assurance that should one day an Opposition party take over the government, it will not CHANGE its mind and behave in a exact manner it has fought against whilst in Opposiiton. The electorate should not be fooled into believing that it will be better off with parties like this.

The SDP moderator has previously allowed other commenters to post links on its website, even when some of the links are irrelevant to the topic at hand. The background information concerning the lack of progress in Opposition cooperation is RELEVANT to BryanT’s proposal for it to seize the opportunity in developing collective economic programme.

The question now is this: just who is undermining the Singapore Opposition's interest?

The original comment that was sent to SDP Website with the deleted portions in bold is reproduced here:

I would like to propose for the various Opposition parties to exploit the public forum organised by SDP to collectively develop an economic plan.

Although SDP’s proposals to date are the most comprehensive and wide-ranging (I will reserve my comments about “realism” and “workability”), the other parties have also along the way articulated their set of proposals, albeit with varying degrees of success.

Since SDP is organising the forum, it is appropriate that it takes the lead to bring the various parties together for deliberations on the programme.

My suggestion is detailed here:

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