Friday, February 27, 2009

SDP's "conspiratorial and destructive politics"

TODAY newspaper had requested an interview with Dr Chee over Opposition MP Chiam See Tong's comment about SDP being a party engaging in "conspiratorial and destructive politics". To this, Dr Chee had sent a reply, trying to dodge away from the question and instead paranoidly claimed that this was a gimmick to dampen the unity of the Opposition.

While Mr Chiam is able to rope in 4 political parties (now 3 since NSP withdrew) to form the Singapore Democratic Alliance, Dr Chee is unable to form an alliance with other political party. Even the newest Reform Party did not want to partner with SDP. Who would want to partner with the party with a leader who betrayed his predecessor?

Mr Chiam is right about SDP being conspiratorial and destructive. Where in Singapore would you find a political party that actively posts articles demeaning Singapore and painting a bad image on the beautiful island-state. Besides, SDP members routinely flout the rules of the state.

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