Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Opposition bashing in SDP's "opposition unity" forum

Opposition bashing in forum on "opposition unity". Sounds like a misnomer? That's what exactly happened in a SDP forum. An opposition forum to call for opposition unity. But this is what the speakers had to say:

"Potong Pasir has got no upgrading because the people want opposition and they want the opposition which they voted into parliament to be a catalyst for the growth of opposition in Singapore, but are they getting it?" - SDP supporter Jufrie Mahmood, questioning the leadership of Chiam See Tong (who BTW does not belong to his party)

"As a party leader they even dare not make the move to go into a GRC and win a GRC. The people of Potong Pasir and Hougang have been betrayed because the opposition has not grown after so many years." - Jufrie Mahmood thinks Chiam and Low Thia Kiang has "no guts" and slams them for being traitors to the opposition's cause (as an opposition member himself he thinks he is not partly responsible for the opposition's state)

"Worse still, some opposition MPs remain silent when asked pertinent questions in parliament." - SDP supporter Ng E Jay criticizing opposition MPs (remember this was the guy who pleaded guilty when faced with a pertinent challenge)

"All opposition parties need only be clear of the fact that they exist to challenge the ruling party, not to give them a passing grade." - Ex-WP candidate Chia Ti Lik, bashing his ex-party's ex-SG (again). Low gave PAP a "passing grade" some time back.

If you notice, all 3 who criticize the opposition are with the SDP. Jufrie, Ng and Chia are heavily involved in SDP and are part of the TBT18 (or TBT16 minus Ng and another SDP guy who pleaded guilty. So much for "unity")

These are the following people who talk about opposition unity. Look at the facts and ask yourselves if they are fit to.

1. Jufrie Mahmood stood for elections under JBJ's WP in 1984, then switched to the "gutless traitor" Chiam's SDP in '88. For abandoning JBJ for Chiam years ago, he now sheds crocodile tears as a JBJ "supporter" in Hong Lim park and becomes a critic of Chiam.

He rejoined WP again in '91 and back to SDP again in '97. Does an opposition unity "advocate" need to keep switching parties?

2. Ng E Jay has called for opposition unity for the most times this writer can remember, but did nothing to further the cause. If anything, he prides himself as critic of the main opposition WP (because they have MPs in parliament and he thinks he can do better)

3. Chia Ti Lik resigned from WP out of spite and badmouthed his party to the press. As a SDP supporter now, he wants SDP to work with WP.

4. Sin Kek Tong (a former SDP member) led a pro-Chiam group which ruptured from SDP after Chee ousted Chiam. He is now chummy with his ex-party and ex-nemesis again. After seeing how Chiam got "bitten" by his protege, he criticizes Chiam for not working towards unity.

5. No. 1 "Wayang" Award goes to none other than their leader Chee Soon Juan, who said the opposition should "prosper thy neighbour, not beggar thy neighbour". Yet he keeps all the "beggar thy neighbours" at his side and appoints them to speak at the forum.

The best sayings must come from Alex Au of Yawning Bread:

"It was already quite directionless as the panelists presented their carefully prepared seven minutes each, but at question time, the wheels fell off the whole project."

"They were refreshingly honest, but how such frankness squares with opposition unity, which they all said they hoped for, escapes me."


Maybe the opposition MPs knew what they were going to expect and chose not to associate themselves with the SDP clowns, because they know their places in parliament have often invoked the jealousy of the SDP chaps.

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