Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Using the JBJ Card to draw crowd

While organisations tend to celebrate the dawn of the new year with their achievements of the past year and the vision of the new year, SDP decided to do it differently.

SDP is on the brink of dissolution and there is not much achievements it can celebrate, so it turned to .... the JBJ card.

After years of using the Chia Thye Poh card, SDP now leverages on JBJ to draw crowd to its new year's eve gathering. JBJ has no affiliation to SDP and has never partnered WP/RP with SDP. Yet, SDP is exploiting JBJ's prestige in garnering more supporters to SDP.

Participants to the event would be given the chance to give their tributes to this great opposition leader, JBJ. But ultimately, the SDP achieves the glory and fame.

Show your respect to JBJ. Stop the exploitation!

1 comment:

  1. Funny that every event SDP organizes is for the public..... is it cos they got no members? Despite that they have difficulty getting people to come.

    PAP and other opposition parties have gatherings of this nature open only to their own members.


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